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3 5899 001321748 

SEP - - 2010 





wtmtm.vb mm 

Volume 52 

"the pride and the passion " 


\tion of excellence 




faculty 63 - 7 



suorts 105-132 




events iS^ 141-150 

advertisements .... 151 - 180 

CUHinx & short M anrtft vwttM 


■ ii 



v r. ■ ■ 

"rS , l 

>«.-■', :\ /.• * 

i -'4 



Spirited Warriors standing 
tall in the bleachers of 
Every event, leading King 
Philip to victory and 
Never folding, never losing 
hope, never losing faith 

In our 4 years we have 
been tried, more than 
others, but 
Onward we push, 
cherishing our memories 
Riding into the future on a 
wave of green and gold... 
Securing our place in 

President: Daisy Alioto 
Vice President: David Getchell 
Secretary: Stephanie Primavera 
Treasurer: Meghan Gavrilles 



~ f 


/' f»£ •' 

/-> » 

VM tZ a* 









^•iv". ■• *' 

-V«ff * T* 

-J V 

.„-; .' 






/atlsbwd tr 

^r^ AlbAni 


Likes: ice cream, summer, running, relaxing, 
blue, reading, Mai] isic, (U2 Life 

house, Maroon 5, Rob Thomas, DMB, Nickelback, 

etc.) my fan -ikes: bananas, 

being busy, most country and emo music, stress, 
fish, sleeping through movies Memories: cross 
country, Cape trips, spaghetti dinners, 
Boucherism, secret, psycher, yankee swb 
prom, waiter wlz, The book, summer of 08 
Thank You: Thanks to my friends for helping me 

through the past 4 years 

Likes : Good vibes, G< jams, Nature, 

The screen Door, Moe., Fi . Barefoot, Buff 

Chick,the great state of VT _: Bad Vibes, War, 

Red Lights, Oil, Genocide, Middies Memories : Moe. 
8/10-1 1/08 with Cm. State Radio- 12/18/07, 7/2/08, 
9/26/08, Day One 6/28/08, Cake 5/24/08 with MM, 
JBT 7/14/08, Glasglow with AG, Soho with JK, AG, 
Cape . ring break with Banes, Call to 

vegas with Shamus, Costa Rica, Wing Nights, The 
Horse Fan i s Room, The Screen 

Door, Stonybrook Thank You : Mom, Anna, Pap's, 
Narigin, Jan, Friends, Tom, KBertram, JJ 

^BrandonTshc:. .<ey, blue, the 

.me, best friends, hanging out, AWs 
s, Panera everyday of my life, being a scrub in 
school, cinnamon Dislikes : rainy days, how people 
jharv nation, SATs, people who 

fake being stupid, freshmen clogging hallways, 
Drocrastinating because of facebook, regrets, 
3oyotes & ghosts Me: .nior Prom, concerts, 

4ampton w/ BM. AA, and DM, Deca conferer. 
Aggie w/ EM, Florida friends, KJ & TM, Halloween 
37 w/ JB & SC, freshman year, crackerbarrel fair, 
/room vroom! (AW), beep beepl (KW), Old KP 
rhank vou : To my mom and dad. Mom, thanks for 
supporting me. Dad, thanks for always believing in 
me and being a grea: fetend. ^ove you bothalways. 


t v . 

"Patrick A^rw 


Likes: Baseball, football, music, friends, class of 
'09, driving, chillin 1 with the boys, concerts, my 
family, animals, swimmin g Dislikes low-carb 
diets, grumpy people, taxes, uptight parents, 
New York Yankees, bad breath, Hugh Jackman, 
homewor k Memories: I will always remember 
my friends and all the great times we had 
together. I hope to look back on my high school 
days and be able to be proud of all my 
accomplishments and be proud to be part of the 
class of '09. Thank vou : I want to say thank you 
to Mom and Dad and all the support you have 
given me and finally the well-rounded class of 
'09 who made high school the best time of my 

Likes : bands, skiing, boating, cars, trips, bowling, 


pool parties, mix tape, the Jackson tape, 

raker, straight forward stuff, Top Gear, 
How I Met Your Mother Dislikes : People who 

low, Volvos, stuff with! .vers, 

isolation, the troll Memories : Freshman English, 
band camp, Symphony Hail, Essentially 
Ellington, cavewoman, the pumpkin, janitor 
scavenger hunt, the soul tape, eouidien 

road trips, music, movies. The Hills, the beach, the 
Sox, the Pats, concerts, butterflies, Kermit, Boston 
Memories : Girls nights, Gailfest 07, Suttons 08, 
Campout, 10/21/05, lost with MGavs, TechnoBeats 
w/ HF, 8/2/07, 6/19/08 w/ KC & RS, Sta: 
Klashers, WelTfleet, Yarmouth 08, Pinchys, LSII, 55 
May, tweeter, Old KF . ?est 08, DMB 07-08, 

Falmouth 06-07, Celts parade, Pats parade, 
earthfest, Newport, Bfast w/ the girls, library w/ 
HF, trips to Boston, the Rodeo, fence failure w/ 
ML &r LP,Proms, Yard sale w/ KM, sneak-in w/ 
KM, AS. : nk vou: Mom, Dad & Lori for 

-g, love you! ML, KC, 
and LD and frit i .is for always being 

there love you ail! 


;-'>-'. ■'-■ 

■ '^: :»• v 




A-sMtu) AlUw4 

Likes : dancing, 

xican food, 

thunderstorms, my pets, poetry, seasons, the 
radio, good friends, good books, time with family, 

3a, green and gold Dislikes : math, peas, 
chea' . :oadkill Mem. : . : JE aid found. 

Art w, aid S.C.; Art w/ K.B., A.Y., and 

. acing Precale with B.B., Skenyon's 

•ilk, Penn and Jess's book, Fig's class w/ 
T.M., good times with D.G., M.G., and S.P. (we 
rocked this school) Thank You: to Mom, Dad, 
Mikaela, Matt, Race, Melanie, my family and play 
group family, and to God for his guidance and 


%. D. M., summer, bea s, one tril. 

.ghing, cupcakes, and my family Di 

rainy days, school, Mondays, rude people Men. 
3, DECA, Virginia 08, NH 05, 
Beach 08 Thank You: To all my friends 
re you all 


Cavolwe Altievi 


Likes: snowy/rainy days, cooking and eating, 
listening to and playing music, Christmas 
Dislik g up early, breakfast, hot weather, 

ies: Friday night movi 

. memoral its in AT? 

English, PCs and JCs quote book, lunch laughs 
with PC Thank vou: Thank you family and fri - 
for a great four years! 






kU<4 t*****- 

-5-. -.Hi . . 

Likes : tennis, soocer, Subarus, 24, Manchester 

United Dislikes : Dave Connolly, slow driv- 
Volvos, traffic tickets Memories : half nol 
Manitou, beating Sharon in tennis, armory Thank 
vou : everyone 

Likes: summer, wiffieball, Seth Rogan me. 

.. poker Dislikes: cold weather, people who 
walk too slow in the hallways, 2 hour detentions 
for being 5 minutes late to school, bad teachers, 

XBHS, KPHS Me:: ke archer campouts, 

timber field Thank vou: family and friend.- 
tfe you love. Love the life you live. Bob 

ike, I am your father. Darth Vader" 



Likes: Laughter, snow, mstaUation art, Jack 
Kerouac, tea, water colors, manual 
transmission, feminism, altruism, benevolence, 
long car nites, leaf piles, Bob Dylan, Breakfast 

. social acti\ 
vegan baked goods. P.- ?publicans, 

prejudice, ignorance, money, hate. Memories: 
Late night coffee runs, all . mien & 

Senior year, the civ (Rest in Peace) Thank vou: 
All my teachers for encouraging me, Mrs. Little 

5terrtng to me whine, 8e all my friends for 
pulling me through. 

i <, 


Boston, Shopping, Bonfires, The Hole-in-one, Old 
KP, going barefoot, Being Tan, 2:1 5pm, Warm 

C Almost Famous, Laughing Music 
Memories: Summer 08, DMB 07-08, Moe. w/ DC 

KS SK, Tweeter, Pep Rally, Bonfires with Cape 
Crew, Buffett 07-08, BC, Drivebys, Atlanta, 
Narcon, Every story has an end but in my life 
every ending is a new beginning Uptown Girls 
Thank vou: Thanks to my family and friends, 

especially my sister Alex. 

Likes: Basketball, KB, competitive strategies, and 
of course Ms. Delucas math class. Dislikes: MIPS. 
English class, not getting let in, in the mornings, 
1 st day of school, and Lumberg. M-i 

chillen at the arbor. You my boy Montana ] 

vou: Mrs. Deluca, Ms. Pavlick, Mrs. Little, Ms. 
Costello and Ms. Pickart. 




Lakes: colorguard, fa . fall, hot 

apple cider, friends, shopping, Disney, roller 
coasters, cheesecake factory, WGI, block island, 

..ght, Other Boylen Girl, NE patriots, red sox, 
Celu - the Caribbean, p prejudice, 

notebook, departed, when harry met sally, Dayton 
arena Dislikes: wind, rain, all around bad weather 
during . = :.nburns,Yankees, Giants, SAT, 

applying to college, halftime shows Memories: 
pride 8e prejudice w/toast & tea at sunrise, 
Dayton arena finals, bus trips, roadside dance 
party, girl w/big head, hola hi, Dr. Mongeons 
class, FRIENDS, target after preband camp, pass 
arounds Thank You: thank you to all teachers, 
guidance counselors, and friends who have 
pushed and supporrai^£ride and the Biggion 

Likes: family, friends, 09, CO, SJ, LM, KC, KM, 
2:15, KP football & hockey, #34, Periwinkle, 
laughing, Per 7art, Boston, GD, MJ, CW, JC, 
Leaders, Fri nights, summer, half days, the 

-. tri-town, Gizmo, sleep, lemonade, 
coolatas, Patriots, the 86 Memories: Prague 08, 
Nels 07, Cape Cod, Rallies, getting lost w/ CRO, 
prom, Ferreiras Hist, class, KP Lax, 420 w/GD, 
MJ, SJ, LB squad, Dave concerts, luau, celts 
parade, New Years w/KC, SJ,& JB, AvrU 08 w/ 
LM. HP w/ CO & AM, caving, Long Island w/ KE 
Thank vou: Mom, Dad, & John for always being 
there, love you so much. Friends- You're all 
amazing. Congi ■ 


L _ Australia! , bumper el he pumpkin 

carriage and my matching ., pancakes, 

KPTV, Harvard S 

ping, Johnny 

cupcake Dislikes: r Academy 

:Ksbase:: -i° rse 

3 @ AGs house, Chris --.angarco 


.sew/KV.: ::er07, 

Goo Goo Dolls, Lifeho emblant TJQ 

^anee-pants, friends 

- .mer, tweeter, 2:15, tanning, ceramics, 

nng, panera, being lazy, rainy days, 
ateful dead, walking around 
-ngingoir :;ds and 


] Ales, bad *" 

growing up Men 

-ate Radio, Bad Fish w/ Molli, Pear. 

w/ SB, excursions w/ AT + GM, Life happens v 
youre busy making other plan? non 

nds for always 

being supp- -ide! 

spreading swi: 

mbas, long car rides, arg . 

folate, productive day 

rg rooms,, bad 

•juts at Sam's house ad, 


] ly, summertime, beach 

ape cod, '09, periwinkle, chocolate, 
anything yellow, Red Sox, laugl - 
parties, cc markets, SJ 


. 38, 


. 3mobook sing 

.. prom, 6/19 with RS and MA, 4/28/07, 
shman tentout at LP, SJ's 
New Years w/ BB & SJ, K Lashers, 

singi: . 5ram, 

..j stayed 

L 39, friends, family, beach days, slumber 

partie;. S holidays, roa... 

. weekends, prom '0 C . 

.: otball games, summer '08 pj£ 

as code, drama, cheaters, ti 
8, Comca, awkward: 
: Narragansett '08, Cape Cod w/ 

Bostcr ' .1, old KP. A. - .!- 

Vermont ''38, Celtics/Red Sox parades, summer 

barbeques ". s anA T °y 

.rg there for me. Also, my 

Is for making high school so much fun! 

iOowinic CAAiroM 

O^c^udim. Campbell 

Likes: snowboarding, my Audi, Hampton Beach, 

dalka pots, deathstar, music, nos attleberries, 
paintbrush, sun, moon, fireworks, green grass, 
blue sky, beach, Jen G, supa troopas 
j ;le, math, high school, waiting, 

nee, pog, people who can't drive, fast food, 

urth of July, KE, RW, NP, J, B, T, 

T.Bluey, miss you. Climbing on the roof/cabin KE, 
DB, Mayhem fe I . MK, 80s party SB, 

v. Halloween party, SJ and Eric. Times 
spent with graduated friends! Thank You: Thank 
you Mom, you are the best & I love you so much. 
To my bro, David, the best brother ever. Kyle and 

"J4ick m 

Likes: Burger King, Taco Bell, Long walks on the 
beach, Skateboarding raving, K.B., 

Chillen, Skippin Class, A.S. Dislikes: MIDS, Flowers, 
Ceramics, McDonalds i its when dudes wear 

r-esh, work Memories: coming here 
• , my face off, just all 
around good memories, skippin school 
Than/. . . s is a shout out to all the teachers 
that told me I would never amount to nothing, to all 
the people in the buildings that I was hustling at 
before they call the police on me when I was trying 
to make some money to feed my daughter , its all 
good baby, baby -Biggie Smalls 


Likes: clan, art, fashion, awkward turtle, PBS kids, 

J+D, JAM, colos, standup comedy, music, MC, 
veggitales, equaj. .ikes: 

ignorance, short pants, womanizers, Norfolk 
Rink, politics, fails, conformity Memories: KPTV, 
Synchro, Boston, RISD, Polo, dollhouses, newport, 
maple syrup, P.O.A., homeroom, Dmong, Mofflt 

rurkey boxers, Earthfest, fireworks 
Thank ynu: Gleaf, Kramer, Mum and Pop, the 

: -ince "What is most important is invisible" 

: . good movies, and music, ice 



.'^. ; 

., walks, laughing, the beach, 

g jing out to eat. Dislikes : stress, 
: lost, bubblegum, Doritos, winter, Mondays 
change, losing things, getting up early Memories: 
Maine and Cape trips, prom, times with C. P, and 
C, pool 06- 07 and freeze pops, 2 weeks at hazen, 
gym talks, avoiding running, long firedrills, long 
weekends, old kp, summer 07, beach trips 
Thank vou: Mom, Dad, and Kevin thanks for 
your support, love you. AM and PM dont know 

i do without you, thanks for everything. T- 
thanks for always being there! 
Reminder to all seniors: good luck seniors! 

i jaw 

Likes : Baseball, Listening to music 
Dislikes : SATs, awkward silence, Disney created 
music artists Memories: Great times in TV 
Production, going through High School with my 
. Kurt Siegmann Thank vou : Thank 
you Mrs. Greenleaf for everything you have 
done for me and the TV crew of 2009! 


Likes: W.P.. baseball, ice fishing, fishing on the 
lake, pond hockey, cutting trees with chain saw 
(for lire wood). Dislikes: hot days, guys with 
long hair, rainy days. Memories: Freshman 
football, getting extra food from my mom in 
the cafe. Thank vou: to my mom and dad for 
being there. 

■> ! * 





3 < Sports, Hanging wit: e. Red 

s, Celtics, Wu-Tang I 

- . Dropkii 

Likes: baseball, football, basketball, frit 
playing cards, Cod 4, Madden w/ BH, 
music, Post 18, LRT, Yampa River, Chillin at 0: 
: untain dew, fantasy 
lget Mac, seeds 
...a : trees, Camp Skylamai , ippy 

ital errors, Mondays, 
Memories: 8/25/07, Colorado 2006, Dedham 
2008, OBs house, Mass Pride, ! i ?lass, 

floating down the Yampa, 2007 DII AAU I 
national runners-up. OCB, dream machine 
Thank you : &er, friends an.: 

.ng me through 
good and the b& . :r. Padula and T 

summer, SATC marathons. 

beach days, GDB, The DECA crew, Riely 


.-thas Vineyard 

Mass Pike Boys, driving around 

Island 08, Journey conce: 1 . 

Game Nights with MC PB. Karoke at the sand 

fe is Good Parr. 

amy day in boston Thank :.and 

Dad ar tor always being 

MP thanks for 
ones to remeber ily guys! Good L 
and Jared! 

nights, movies, the old i ig fall '08, 


ad grades. amatte, 




late nights c : 

love yc . ^^_^^_ 

le hard 
Se always t my 

always ma.-: . 



: , Qldss^&f pii\d$ ' 


:_Football, Gaming, summer, working out, 

ese Food, JB, Music, Friends, Fires 

b: Gut, Camp, OCB, Being Bored, Losing to 

ro Memories: Summer '07, KP Football, late 
, Matt Boulter's 06, Junior 

Prorv. 3 Mom, Dad, Tyler and Sara 

who have always been there for me! And to Jackie 
and all my friends. Thanks for the memories 


Likes: Friends, Fridav a. Leona Lewis. 

Clam Chow, Cht: - Ripped Jeans. I | 

Fire & Ice, Burks. Mi: . -epovers w/PB. 

2, SM, 5-29-06, t ncert 08, Soda, Ice 1 

cream, Haunted Ride w/JN, Summer 07 trip to P- 
Town, TowerHUl Rd, Game Night, Six Flags 08, 
■ he cape, Semis', S07 Prom w/I 
w/SM, Maples, Sasquatehl.The Squirrel Face, Cait N< 
being hit by the gym door, Dating Cait N, Drama 

iprov Award you can't take it v. 
meetn Leona, Invislign,Xmas 07 in Ireland, Nights 
■irraroe &the mi - , The Park, Fresh. 

J-ang, Fre:- ; 

has stood by my side no matter what, ily! To : 
iad & 3 sisters who Ijte _ 


■ '! " *" :**". "v '- 

No Photo 

Likes: sports, poker games, CLO, back yard pick 
up games, college visits, KB and buffalo chicken 
Dislikes: Bobs Stores. KFC mac and cheese, tight 
pants on guys, tattle tales Memories: The Rice 
Development Courts and Fields, the sand pits, 
mobile on the run, poker tournaments and CLO 
Thank Yql.: Dougias, 1 

Deluca, Mr. Grover, Mr. Connors and Mr. 
Guernon for making KP more enjoyable. 

; true few, BSTEW, summer, movies, beaches, 

cuddling, laughing, vacations, music Pis.. 
a, lying, fakene.: ^^____ AC, 
-r08, club Mirror Lata Mew 

: asement ] __ inks 

Stewart's, Ashley and Dans : me 

•ough my senior year! Love you :) 

Likes: Panera Bread, Olive Ga: ::iing band, 

swim tear:.. summer, DECA, movies, 

dessert, the beach, half days, sarcasm Dislikes: 
home- 88, getting up early, writing essays, 

. logy that doesnt work 
Memories: Marching band 04-09, DECA, nationals 
in Atlanta, April 1 1th, the drive-in, cape cod crew, 

. :;nk You: to all my 
friends and family who helped me get through 
everything. Couldn't have done your 

_.:-:. -: eheerleading, sleeping, food, Boston, good 
i 3, gooc Men s, RMJ, snuggling, going out tc 
eat, shoes, DECA, my tat, Cote sisters, animals, 
sumrr- . singing with KC and SC, Jeffrey 

Star D /.' drivers, brats, driving, waking 

up ear. : ress, bad eyebrows, working ou 

:ng practice Memories: 
■ r s/o, DECA States, 10/20/05, 
Tweeter, Saco Ot. Lashem, Phi Si, 

Holme- . l^uau, CEOs and BH, Browns 01, 

camping 08, St. Pattys Day 07, New Years 07, 
Naragansett 08, Oiffs 08, Maddie, senya prom, 
sneaking out, girls night Thank vou: Da I . 
Lisa, Maggie, and Paul. Thank you Pop. 



-Ross £'A*#l° 

Ljkesj_Red Sox, Patriots, fires, hanging out with 
friends and my .mg, The Life 

ic, music I. - lew Years, Yankees, 

Yankee fans, junior year, loud people, losing 
Memories : Dropkiek Murphys and MMB with BC, 
AP, DC, SC, AL, and KP. All the fi 
Than/ *ast day of summer, DK's 

house with SO, MM, BC. Thank vou: Mom and 
Dad for helping me through school, Dan and 
Steve for always being there for me. Good luck to 
Chris Hopkins and Nick Hasenfus. 


_. . . ;. value menu, rodeo 

chee, conce: ■• eh, poker, Rock 

Band, sessions, summer Dislikes: arguments in 
wiffie ball, working on weekends, Yankees 
Memories: OB's basement, wiffie ball at Kajano's. 
baseball, poker, D.M.B., Stooped, Pepper, 

State Radio Thank You: Family and Friends who 
have always been there for me 


Likes: all food especially italian, comedy 
movies, outdoors, hunting, fishing Dislikes: 
slow walk- ght people Memories: 

messing with Morin and her LCD projector 
Thank vou: my Papa 



^VitowS, 1- 

1 ' • r r 2-s ' 



Likes: favos, LB squad, food, Duxbury, lacrosse, 
, r, red sox, girls nights, tentouts, sleeping, 
.3, iced coffee, dunkies ru: 
marathons w/ KV, shopping, neighbors Dislikes: 
stress, tests, drama, spiders, maen people, stuco, 
being to serious Memories: Dux 0708, fvids, 
secret 06, gustei . i om, SATC w/ auntie 

marge, tpc0609, lute, bouch homeroom, frosh 
art/gym, freshman year, 8232 5/20, night 
skiing, sledding, rub club, BB w/ KV RT AM, 
heart to hearts w/ AY, JS 06, coed paper w/ KW, 

fball games, DECA w/ NL, BETS 06 Tharu-: 

Thanks to my family and friends. Love you all. 

Likes: Baseball, friends, late nights, girls, pizza, ice 
cream, America, dollar menu, hot beaches, 
summer, vacations, buff chick calzones, poker, 
music, driving around, fishing, basements, and 

Coney . ,h, hypocrites, early 

mornings, essays, strict rules, vegetables, studying, 
homework, the Academy, silence, and creeps 

. ;ity baseball, sporting events, the 

Ty, Tweeter/Comcast center, Colorado, 
Prom, Graffiti, Fire drills, and bomb scares Thank 
vou: Mom, Dad, and Kara I love you. Thanks for 
every: i -ds. You were always there. I'll 

never forget you 

CoKKtV t> M[A 

nestling, my car, anirr 

■ 3 rks) , 

watching sports, my dog Courage, food, my pool, 
water parks, the gym, family guy, hats DjsUkes; 

-unning, Junior Er.> 
reading, sharks, losing, g 
people that call me short, sillas, ch„ 
^ Getting a 1 on AP Chei 

:.gmeou\ :aper, 

wrestling season, fires, football games 
iank You: My parents for helping me my whole 

•ays being there for me. 
My coaches for always pushing me and helpi: 
become the best I can be. 

No Photo 

►ZWiillt i6oktvt^ 




Likes: T.B. Csaus, Salty Lynn, A I.C-, 

B.S., E.W., K.L. Dislikes: crossing guard, 
sands, pr, crowded classes. " ent, ever 

class, accounting I w/ Ashley and Mi] 
playground w/ Sarah, Becca, and Lsa 
Thank You: I would like to thank my mother for 

allowing me to be so independent so early on in 
life. And my father for always being there for me 
if I needed him. 

"Tin j&on", -flu. Ab/uus" 

Likes: O S/2, Phase cooling, NAND Flash, 
2.71828182845904523536 and 

^n the bea ^.uplex, 


3 History class s 

notes, "And again", Flish wa wa wa Thank You: 

Lie Yukou, for getting me through all the hard 


EPB '■' '*-' 



£/***/ ^ tutr 

jM olk 



'Patrick- »6o(«U«^ 

L^ces: Sports, weekends, money, Revs games, 

homeroom, vacations, work Dislikes: Mondays, 
homework, detentions Memories: Saturday Crew, 
UCON, soccer practice, team dinners, Christmas 

hop w/SH & MM (what a bargain) 
Thank vou: Thanks Mom, Dad, Scott, and Steph 

: .V > * 

for everything! 

Likes: the beach, summer, football games, 
shopping, my friends, and movies Dislikes: 
seafood, teste, bugs, and homework Memories: 

Thanksgiving football game in the rain with Erin 

.'.ing I with Danielle and M 
Sophomore Bio, Friday nights with Erin and 
Mike, time with JP and health class with 
Pantazis, lemon, Wake Up Warriors Thank vou: 
To mom and dad and my sister for always being 
there for me and my awesome friends. 

£t*rij ^ At0K 

Likes: KP lax, KPFH, summer, traveling, football 

. :ce cream, best friends, dance parties, 
. Salzberg. lughing, chocolate, 

Boston. I ■ flying, laser tag, bowling, 

Friday nig 1 mderstorms, fire, 

Mondays, test, slow walkers Memories: Europe 
07, JoBros w. MM+AL, B.L.A.C.K, World Wide 
Scandal, Club Lax, Jr. Prom 08, green team, 
Sound of music tour, Rascal/TSwift w. MM, spag 
dinners, anytime with friends, awk times with 
CO, Art lunch with AL, Long Island with BB 
Thank vou: Mom, Dad and Tom- 1 love y 

Likes: tractors, baseball, fire fighting, friends. 

family, nature C. t ing in class, sitting 

around Thank vou: Thank you to all my 
classmates and my teachers, but I would especially 

.y mother because I would not be 
here without her. 


T ,ikf)B: Danielle, saxaphone, shotput, 

mariokart, band Dislikes: Happy Cir 
hypocrites, vegetable- - le Farren 

: you: 
My family : 1 me through all the hard 


/*. •> 


T ,ikes: pizza, being with my friends, the color 
green, snowdays, ironing, playing music, 
5, going to target, chocolate chip cc 
- -.wherry milk, being cold, mosquitoes, 

intersections, being sick, diet pepsi, 

3and Camp 08, 07, 

T.K. and M.B. going flying 
in 08. KP blackout in 05. Fire drills and bomb 

everyday in 06/07. W.Rox elates wii 
senior parties. Fighting half notes. The pumpkin 
Thank You: I would like to thank all my family 
tends. You guys have helped shape me to 
the person I am today. Love you guys! 

Likes: Chapin Beach, the .ooarding. 

Patriots, New Hampshire . Ine, dirt bik 


log cabin, randci:. ith Carrie. 


you Carrie f< 
being my b- 
expected, fc i 
where you wanted tc I 

No Photo 

gs.bracelets, 2:15, fridays, my friends, 

weekends, hello kitty, ice coffee, pickles, summer, 
music, cap i . ng weekends, Christmas, 

little neck, shopping, headbands, bright colors, 
penguins, snuggling, JP Dislikes: 7:30. fake 
people, liars, cheaters, clowns, the dark, drama, 
early mornings, week days, feet, homework 
Memories: Little Neck Ipswich, Techno beats with 
MA, sleepover in Target Parking lot, ceramics 
class, DQ runs, the folk, boston with girls, 
concerts, Billy's porch, senior year, practice, RMJ 

T-iank You: Thank you to my family and 
friends for always being there for me, and 
helping me through everything 


t<r r* 


ering . lends, fast food, 

sleeping late, rainy days, exercising, caffeinated 
drinks, music, D.M.B. vacations, Disney movies, 

eg, painting, dressing up, buff-chick, BOYS, 
football, F.A.C., singing Memories: concerts, 

Matthews (both nights), Billys porch', 
w/KC, town hopping, doing nothing oi 
nights w/AT, dealing w/JD, cheer season, lax 
season, DERKA trips, the many scandals 
encountered, country fest year 1 Se 2, summer 
08, boating, old kp, kings street cafe, kp blackout 
Thank You: To the few true girl and guy ft 
who help me through everything and anything. 

v - r 



L -:ids, texts, summer, art, barn, 

r.eese, she; 



'.Gbday G-. 
: Dvldence 

n,. Its been a great 4 years! Good, lu 

6le*A &AMo» 


^M.fc^kAM. ^AUVtll&S 

♦ " 


Likes: Tyler Kershaw, Nameesh, Patoma, Jess 
Peck, Dunkln Donuts crew, gay robot, The Devil 
and a Penny, The Swell Season, cheese, Lost, 
Gossip Girls, Summer <® Brown, Spongebob 
Squarepants, Otis Spunkmeyer, Harry Potter 
-■■■'i-r-s: having food poisoning during prom 
week, preparing for the SATs for over a year 
Memories: invading Mansfield, Spongebob moon 
bounce for Megs birthday, surprise I 
birthday party, putting Claire in the trunk and 
pretending to get pulled over, New York v. 
Steph and Bianea, creeping on Andy Hunt with 
Jess Thank vou: Tyler, for being my best 6 
ever and knowing meJjetter than an, 



.ugs, texts, poptarts, rain, 2:15, ipod, Lola, 

summer, snowdays, laughing, tri town, red sox , 
.rthdays, food, fir 

morning, chemistry, selfish people, eats, being 
unorganized, bad drivers, 7:35, ?■ gtoo 

much to do. J m 08, 10/21/0f . 

moon star, solar power! w, - \ 2, cam, bus 

F, mm&m, lab 202, f.s, p.a, j+D w/cs, slpovers 
w/co, getting lost w/ef +bf, Chinese w,, working w/ friends, disaster at bs w/ef, 
bonfires, hp w/Lg, Hsm tali: = ng to BS w/co 

and AL journal k ends 

you! QfiQd 1 

"gekkell, gttck" 



. oackyard sports, hockey games, beating 
Frank!! ^ssof 09, DECA, being a class 

menu: : - 

amen year, winning 
ship award. 

football he i .or prom, sox 07, p-'r. 

Thank You: To Mom and Dad, Grammy, Gram: 

Nana I 

Great class advisors Mrs. Meyer and 

Good Luck Matt and Bill. 

No Photo 

No Photo 



£okaW ->vu V ^ 



OosKu* ^ulU^ev 



Likes: the ocean, gre^ : . 3. NFCG, 

sleep, friends and family, laughing 

; - om, B.C. P: 

mal 08, nights 
campground nit :rse 

memories, CO JC KT MS RP MC Thank Y: ..:_ 

. You've always been there for . 



No Photo 

us-tin. 60HJZ.A1Z 



cream at cressant ridge, all my pets, burritos, 
Thursday taco days, beach days, cape cod, 

teaque VA, scooters, road 
guitar, Dunkin Donuts, French vanilla ice coffee 

ZB JG KS ST PK KN BF MC DG Memories: snow 
days, road trips with hilly to the beach and 

Tress's class, bonfires at 
lecsribing the dog a 
and "beautiful", IEA shows Freshman Year, 

Merry and working 
with Lenny Thank You: My parents for always 
being so supportive I love you. My nana for just 
being my nana, Rossy for always being there for 


Likes: CP, 1 0/3 1 , go . jIPLAX, fires, Le 

car rides, Concerts, the boat, smileys 
snacks, mainers, Tuesday and Thursday, 
nights, Micbeths. ski trips, outdoors, Zei . 
homeroc:: , .ud gather. 

: . days Memories: Halloween 07" . 
• River 

-. .00 and little P. Lashers, Petty, Cou: . 

. Allman Brothers, LAX Hock Chair:: 
VBS Thank You: Mom. Dad, and Me ■■ I 
- h me. 


I * r 


<ftcm* ^™^°* 

J>M° lk 

;: arts, summer, weekends, 

getting money, F.B., Boston sports teams 

coneer _ . ;e detent. 

mondays Memories: Labreck Graffitti, book drop, 
tweeter, old KP, boxing, T.P., Celts games, Riley's 
class, Boston sports parades Thank You: my 
family anmd friends, Mrs. Zuercher for saving 
me from countless detentions. Mr. Connors and 
Mrs. Campos for being good teachers, B.G. and 

Likes: sking, vacation, summer, maine, beaches, 
iPods, sea air, photography, painting, Milano 
cookies, green and pink, Kayaking, shopping with 
frtenc. ' i replaces, onion rings, sn 

green bean casserole, pineapples, restaurant, 
readir- Myrtle Beach, fall foliage, 

--.mas, ants to: go white water rafting and see 
Ireland, Engls 1 and New Zealand 

Dislikes: Traffic, Toffle and Taffy, taking 
standardized tests, cleaning, math, cold weather, 

tree sap, schcx s Suzanne Harkins 

with the weather !-Getchell , going to kiss concert 
-:ateandF -'arty 

Likes: Football, Lacrosse, Snowboarding, AM, XBOX, 

. is, Mr. Riley, 30, 99, OCB, 4/11, Mangia 
Mangia, call of d . _____ 

Circle, Jane and Pauls Farm ; "ape Cod, 

F :,otball game night, AM 
I Thank You: Family and Friends 




3: Soccer, people, school?,things that are in 

spring, people who smile at you, being lazy, 
Kramer, Lanie, Heather, Jess Peck, (insert youi 
name here). Dislikes: Mac and Cheese, 
Homework, Waking up, and people who are 
nosey. Memories: all the years of soccer, 
NARCON, DECA, all those things you had to be 
there for, and everything you can't actually put 
here. Thank You: Mom, Dad, Brother, rest of th( 

.ends, teachers, mostly Grover and 
Kramer, and anything that made me think. 

Likes: concerts, the city, the city, fashion, music, 
betty paige horror movies, abstract art, 
photography, a good book, the old kp, muscle 

chairs. /y, rude people, chick 

mayonnaise, fake people, being 
unproductive. Memories: Matt ONeal wearing a 
tuxedo to ask me out. I miss you mo money 
rhank vou: Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Bertram, the office 
ladies, the librarians, Mr. Massotti 

Akes: Drums, Archery, Woodworking, Chinese 
food, friends, King Philip Pumpkin, Wake Up 
Warriors, rnaking Wake Up Wai •• Jazz do 

it, Boy Scou- s 

Homework, Ms. Mahers research paper, the crazy 

otatoes, communism, the KKK. 
Qaeda, The Holocaust, and how all the Native 
Americans were killed. Memories: The Dean Bank 
binder experience in G's class, band trips in 
general, Mr. Kummer on Taco Day, Wake Up 
Warriors Thank You: Tileston, Greenleaf, and 

•*.;r-v-.«Vr --v- 

Likes : jazz, piano, the sax, keytar solos, Jazz Do 
It, XC, tennis, C.G.A.F., science, blue striped 
polos, protecting the pathways to our ponds, 
sleeping, techno, taco day, "winging it", the mole 
Dislikes : odd numbers, Kenny G, the new school, 
nubs, the rules Memories : beating Sharon in 
tennis 6-4, 6-2, Essentially Ellington, Tmitch, 
proms, KP fires, Alex Huth Days, Fighting 
Halmotes, flish, mixed doubles, brownies, and 
Caesar salad Thank vou : Mr. Tileston, Coach 
Boucher, the ladies, the Jazz Do It broe, Tmitch 

L. ; Sports, hanging out with friends, going to the 

beach Dislikes: Happy Circles Memories: Gut Camp 

■ ...t.Yqu: My family and friends 

_ Food, Stop and Shop, Hanging with friends, 

Tech. Going to football games, Physics w/ Grover 
£ Homework, Stress, English, Parki: 

Gas Prices : ' : Northern Tier, Double H, 

_______ " :., Dad, Sara, Steve, Staph anc 

all my friends 

Likes: family, friends, 2:15, C_ 
Spongebob Squarepants, Christmas Eve, my 
childhood, shopping, jeans, concerts, tanning, 
House marathons, Ben & Jerrys, football games 
and Martha's Vineyard Dislikes: picky teachers, 
pancakes, having two jobs, angry people, and 
pneumonia Memories: AOW. 1 0-6-06, homeroom 
129 Quote: "The past is a great place and I don't 
want to erase it or to regret it, but I don't want 
to be its prisoner either." -Mick Jagger Thank 
vou: Mom, Mike and Kayley. My closest friends 
and Steven, I love you all. 







swingin the stick, doodling, BK, twins, King of 
Queens, DUECE, soda, pasta, coney island, MT, 
.brace.- - ah I, KP baseball, messy 

r enway Pahk, Jeezy, Joe, T.I., CC, beards, 
. inside Jokes, lingo, & many 
more Dislikes- The Academy, opponents, Foxboro 
all people, onions, fakeness, judgmental 
e, Fletcher, Yankees, in between the toe flip 
. other opinions, the forehead, stress, terrible 
76s, Dr. Pepper ' ' :.. -s: 08 
. . all vacations, hangin w/ my 
friends ■ ■ : :-u: to all my friends, my mom, 
dad, Kathryn & Gregory. To all my teachers & 
coaches. Thanks for always being there. 

Likes: BB, KC, K \WSBBt^.S.O., M.M.C, 

'09, mdew, pickles, subway, 2:15, leaders, old kp, 
Springsteen, #35, twins, broccoli, Springsteen, 
orange, beach, dd w/ m&d, lloyd ave, bubs, teeka 
tan, Danny's Last Show, KP football&hockey 
Dislikes: 7:35 am., plate pickers, new kp, leftovers 

-: Prague 08, Old Mill stakeout, bj-C.C." 
new years w/ KC&BB, tweeter, ME/NY/CA w/ MC, 
. ;ampout 06, AS 4/24, emo book w/ kc, 

':eshman year. \ng around, St. 

Patty's day 07, sexplorer w/ SW, O.A.R, Cfest 06-08, 
lashers, mango w/ KO, minivan w/RP, it's a 
regulator, run fast little buddy 
Thank vou: Mom. Dad, and Eileen for being there 
for me. ee Meyer- Live Laugh Love "I'll meet 

you further on up the road" 

Likes : golf, male ponytails, skiing, gaming, fires, 
chilling, street hockey, poker, rock band sessions, 
mythical beings, Cape God, concerts, Ramen, 

wlffleball Dislikes : working, Voldemort, boredom, 
puke filled tents Memories : fires, Cape Cod, Luke 
Niland, Kajano campout. Tweeter, UMass 
Thank vou: Mom, Dad, Kyle, Molly, and all of my 
friends for everyi: 





£>ckA<3 K> iKt 


V T. ' v . 

Likes- h anging out with friends, Timber field 

'. eball, concerts, fires over the summer, 
summer, the elephant, prank phone calls, ding 
dong ditching houses, street hockey 
Z:~.'js3s: wiffleball arguments, Franklin, the 

-:s, healthy food 
_ :-iman year, C.C.s locker, 8th 

3 M.C. and Mr. Adams, Dan G junior year 
thanksgiving game. Franklin McDonalds drive 
through. Fall River baseball with Welsh. Fake 
mvspace Thank You: Thank you Mom and Dad 
for everything you have done for me and thanks 
Joe for putting up with me, Love you guys 

■¥<k\A ^J^Mk 

Dislikes: school, school lu: 


Likes: cars, motorcycles, drums, music 

j; Six Flags, chilling with friends, 

beach trips, scavenger hi:: i 

Thank vou: My family, my girlfriend Ashley 

and my friends 





•' V- 

a! Her bh 

!S, StUO 

; "ampfires, summer, late mornings. . 

soccer, wrestling, lacrosse, hanging v. 

fishing w/ the men, old kp, raggle fraggle, pizza, 

its always sunny in philly, wing nighr 

before 9:30 A.M., catepillars, fake peo; 
J.D. brushing his teeth/showers, vampires, bad 
drivers, people who take too long, akwarci: 
losing Memories: "Dead Chipmunk" Summers at 
the ropeswing, Kajano's campout, backyard 

boxi; : Mom & Dad 

thanks for everything 

x- { 

adventures ! , coffe and her addiction to it, 
lifeguarding and swimming, watching 
movies(Phantom!) w/ Britt and Em, singing along u 
disney songs while driving, driving anywhere, 
disney movies, music, cobra starship, the great 
gatsby, ?s, english and history, 1453 

Men I adventures of Brittany 

: id of the year pool p 
. dyeing my hair blue, crowd £ 

~ped tour, eofee runs, sou.' 

e youfor being my ft 
lends, I love you and 1 wouldnt b 
whc I am w/o you. Mr. Ferreira, Rocksteir and 
drama for all the amazing expirences. Mr. Guernon 
and the stuco for turning me into a lea<> 

No Photo 


Likes: #10, family friends, summertime, 

basketball, beach, cruising, gum, sox, celt£ 

. weekends, sleep P; 
losing, the academy, being cold, bugs, bananas, 
phonies Memories: N.H., M.E. 07&08 w/ Ms. 
Basketball, NH07 w/ aau, Chicago w/ KL, 
morning drives w/ AY, team dinners 
Thank You: Mom and Dad- there aren't enough 

■I . 


words, ilysm, Bry, Kel, KT- thanks for ke 
things interesting 143. Peace out KP! 

Likes: A Band Apart, The Beatles, Chapelle, 
Colbert, Parliament- Funkadelic, Keyboard solos, 

sexyp:. 3 ,gs from Texas 

Mem:. -. ' Production, P-Hut, 

•hool snowdays. .:tes, 

contents of the Dean Bank Binder Thank 
Mom, Dad, Friends 


3; Baseball, Weekends Watching TV, Food, 

ig a good time, Graduation Dislikes: MIDS, 
..ngs Memories: chillen at the 
ig live Montana 

-nds&fa:: ; movies, 

Reeses, sleeping in late, The Beatles, fall, Mexican 
food, e : f among, reading, traveling, & 

airports, thunderstorms, D.C., anything chocolate, 

:.kes: math, gorillas, fish, tests, being 
bored, Monday. . . . . .. 

Prom, Semi-formals, Dayton, Block Island w/ MB & 
: :g to the Cape, New Years 
parties, Junior AP English, Target with MB 
after camp, shopping trips, the day before school 
tradition w *<?P toast, a 

w/ MB & S . Dad, & Colinl I love 

you! And thanks to a ,ou guys are the 

bestl Dont know what I'd do without you! 

Likes: MY BOYFRIEND, BaHeT, sklgHlg, playing the 
piano, music, writing stories, editing home videos, 
reading, traveling, Crystal Lake camps, m 

:3al8 Dislikes: being told how to live my life, 
waking up (i am not a morning person), back- 
stabbing, the end of a good experience, pointe, life 
guard training (boring), shopping, parties, loud 
Memories: When Martin and I won 

f lace at the New England Theatre Conference 
I from improvisation, it was AWESOME! 

: . Lewis for being the best (I'm not 

exaggerating) Spanish teacher IV ever had, M 
Pickart and Mrs. Leandres for being teach 
could talk to and connect with, and my three 
parents for supporting me through all my 


_, L A_A, KP Hockey, KP Lax, Tweeter, New 

Hamp, Smileys, Phish, Buff Chick Dislikes: 
/.cast, Punks, Busy 
work, guys in girl pants Memories: Hockey 06 
Hock Chanv - . Suttons, 

the fence, the Sat, R.M.J, Zazzln It, Luau, 
i riega Thank vou: To my parents and 
for leading me in the right direction. 


'Pettv IamVil 

Likes: soccer, winter. "■' ;:eanut 


M and Ms, snickers, sweatpants and swe« 

music, Smallville, Scrubs, sleeping In my 
bed, Xbox 360, Ice Age, Sid the Sloth, cere:. 
jewelry, 95 Camry, iced coffee, chicken parm, 

. = . - -. H :-er rocket, send : .. 
on my way, Josh Groban Dislikes: squash, 
allergies, messes, illegible handwriting, alarms, 
stale cere; . beach, Memories: socce: 

track seasons, Game Night, the cave, Physicy- 
all the times spent with friends, AY, UCONN, 
DARE Camp, dodge ball, coed soccer 
Thank v: ..: .. Lauren, 

friends, teachers, coaches 


No Photo 

.0, Tonedeff, Jacob 
Jazz Odyssey Z.- -nos dlez puntc-s 

,; .T amming 

Supreme, Band : 

Fighting fc 

T ,ikes: summer, friends, driving, music, snow 

fee, late nif ^ach, 



Beach, Three Dec - Staind ooi . 

leeting new pe 

ffee, outdoors, 3 EEN, 



ista, Sarah;: 

; 1 ty Auntie 

: j. or 
where Id be without you. 






; Summer, the beach, chocolate, flip flops, 

clouds, pillows, taking pictures, black and white 
pictures, going to the movies, going to concerts, 
patriots, redsox, Celtics, bruins, Boston, sleeping 
in, my job, my friends, poker, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, 
Pizza, Chinese Food, Halloween, Christmas, 

. presents, birthdays, volleyball, football 
pmlikes: Spiders, snakes, sharks, storms, drama, 

car accidents, headaches, homework, tests, 

ng, waking up Memories: Jr Prom's '07, '08, 
3, SONAR, NARCON, going to the beach 
in the summer time with friends,KP Volleyball, 
Metrowest Volleyball, going to football games 
Than/, i ■ ,: Friends, family, and teachers. 

"gibblu Ji 'Bit*, gib, gjfc, gjbbj, 

gibbtrj, CjMit, Libh)" 


Likes: T.V., computers, weekends, food, video 
games, long walks on the beach, sports, cars, 
chatting, snow, Christmas, movies, funny people, 
theatre, music, ipod, texting, long hours on the 
phone, traveling, parties, stand up comedies, beach 
Dislikes: arguments, homework, mean people, rules, 
soap operas, awkward silence Memc: 
Construction, theatre, parties, arguments, 
lockdowns, Friday night games Tha:..-: :". _: Mom 
and Dad, Gilo, teachers, friends, fan 

JWk U$ktboA$ 


Likes: movies, hanging out, sports events 
Dislikes: work Memories: fights Thank You: 
family and friends 


No Photo 


- --: KP field hockey, basketball, lacrosse, family, 
sisters, friends, music, dancing, food ice cream, 
miner, beach, vacations, boats, 
-, country music, football Dislikes: 
iee, goodbyes Memories: MC, 
summer, club LAX 08, world wide scandal, table 8, 
". big bang bowling, JoBros with KE and MM, 
cruise to Bermuda, photo shoots, star tattoos, 
spaghetti suppers, BLACK, sun, moon, star-solar 
power!, art, lunch with KE Thank You: Thanks to 

-. Dad, Jackie, and Rachael, you have always 
been there for me. Thanks for supporting me. I 
love you. To my friends, thanks for making me 

Roberto J^opi* 

"Baty ^oomb/' 


Likes: friends, my girls, rtime, 09, 

. Nickys crew, my family, laughing, 
chocolate, DMB, country, weekends, OTH. 
sleeping in, girls nights, 2:15, vacations, TM 
Memories: sophomore year, proms, 10/21/05, 
Suttons 08, Lashers, snowed in w/ MG, 
Yarmouth 08, Nantucket w/ AP, Gailfest 07, 
Michigan, tweeter, LSII, old KP, 55 May, 
Narragansett & Newport w/ MA, BZ, & DL, 
Wellfleet, fence failure, cermit, campouts, the 
Rodeo Thank vou: To my friends and family for 
supporting me and helping me become the 
person I am today. MA & MG, I don't know 
where I'd be without you. Thanks for everything, 

. ' -: soccer, basketball, graffiti, video games, 
money, sleeping, rap/hip hop Dislikes: school, 
work, chores, rock, non cable tv Memories: my 
old high school, first day at this high school, 
new friends Thank You: my old and new - 
teachers, family, tv 



-HMAAkW ul 9 5t * 

L CM, CS, MF, CN, KO, JC, CL, EW, DECA. girl, 

DECA, raspberry lime rickies, cakes, Papa Ginos, 
LIMEY, moo, the beach, fair song, Panera, mule, 
Kylie and Kaela, old Bass w/ CL, neighborhood: 
JG, AS, JK, gold carting through the woods w/ 
JG, blue, O.T.H. Dislikes: getting lost in East 
Providence, when seagulls attack at the beach, 
: ' ECA states, conferences, dance-offs, 
;ake Factory, DECA crew, Michael Foleys 
tooth, Fire & Ice, Kiss concert 07 & 08, Junior 
Prom. Six Flags, FRED, videos/phone calls w/ CS, 
phone calls, Bass inventory w/ CL, playground w/ 
CM, dancing to loud music in Caras car, lets play 
the guessing game, King Street Cafe, golf carting, 
Roman, NARCON, Frosh Softball with CM & JH, 

m 1 1 ' 

lg Thrown Ir 
round With i 

A Ditch Three Times, SJ Wande: 
Shirt Stuck Over Her Head, 1 1-21-08 TWILIGHT 1 1 !, 
Going To Anime Boston For the First and Second 
Times, Having Greg Ayres Sit Right in Front of Me, 
Getting Voted Most Unique.Brookes Bed, Having 
People Steal My Ceramics, Going to Go See Beverly 
Hills Chihuahua With Bailey, Making SJ Fall Down 
When I Poke Her, Going to Disney When I Was 
Younger, Having My Friend Ian Move Away, First 
Seeing Rocky Horror In A Theatre, First Seeing 

. Treatment In A Theatre With Actors, Senior 
Year. Tha; . . m, for Having Me Yeah, 

That. My Friend Ian For Being Awesome, Ryan Higa, 
Because HesYAY, and The People Reading This 
Because I Just Got to Waste Their Time. 



^t>^ olM 


'KicUrA JAAYtin. 



Likes: ZK, Summer, the beach, reading, music, 

concerts, fires, weekends, family, having fun 
Dislikes: KP. liars, drama, fake people Thank 

_, rank you mom, dad, Jason, Anne-love you 

all. Kelsey, good luck in all you do, love you! 


shopping, my bed, dresses, pictures, sweatshirts, 
magazines, music, 4th of July, bonfires, 1 18, my 
family, blueberries, working out, purses, flip flops, 
hugs, cookie dou^ s: drama, feet, olives, 

Memories: ClubLax08, spag dinners, Hug Island 
w/ MG. JoBros w. KE&AL, Kiss06/08, prom, 
tswift/rascal flatts w/ KE, sweetie, car rides, revs 
game w/ the crew, SS w/ KV&CB, Celtics parade 
and Boston w/ KE, Christmas tree shop w/SH 
&PD (what a bargain) Thank vou: Mom and Dad 
for always being there for me every step of the 
way. Ty thanks for being the best brother and 
friend anyone could ask for, Sarah for being my 
AMSF, and friends I love you! Congrats '091 


■v. VU . 

T.ikps- summer, laughing, my kitties, sick movies, 
Lake Thompson, Narragansett Beach, BR, 
Tweeter, ice cream, K-Ches, cuddling, Olive 
Garden, sweatpants, Medfield Dislikes: being 

.ng cold, teste year, goodbyes 

Memories: Old KP, HP with CO and BB, chill 
sessions with JC, losing my purse at Summerjam, 

7, (soot, beads), talks with MJ and TWall, 
clown pants with SJ, Jerry #7, t-bell dates, 
freezepops at my pool Thank vou: Mom, Dad, 
Andrew, T, JC and friends couldnt have done it 
w/o you I I love you XO 

Likes: pickles, pineapple. Boston, boys,#9 sweats 
Nicky's crew, friends, shellina, '09,beach, lai 
dance parties, sisters ks, as, hs,#74, sunflowers, 
hockey/football, music.mudge, connie, sweats, p 
Memories: Cape Cod, Gailfest, 4/19, Countryfest, 
DMB, SJs basement, proms, soph, year, sweet 1 6, 
Ipswich, AS and MD with MA, PM& CD,invincible, 
im undies, DFs car, spirit weeks, target pi 
w/ HF, Micheghan, Tweeter, Campos, Costellos HR 
Dlo., 20 miles w/ CO, luau. earthfest, old kp, F/D 
dances, the table, CG boot camp, new years with 
KS and KC, TLM-thanks for the memories I love 
yea Thame You: Mom, Dad, Shawn, all my love 
xoxo. Live - Lov- -L 

L ; Football, Baseball, wraps, waffle ball, 

crew, competitive gym, Mrs. Costello, OCB, 
lifting, The Chalet, snowboard ing 
Dislikes: Gut Camp, Homework, Foxboro Kids, 
losing Memories: Saco, Cape Cod with Mono, 
Timmys House, Fishing songs, KP Football. 
Timber Field Thank You: Mom, Dad, Mrs. 
Tower, Mrs. Costello, friends 

Dislikes: parking fees, eggplant, the color orange 

Memories: book of quotes (JC, PC), band trips, 

hand turkeys (FC) Thank vou: friends, mom & 
nd JDM 

Likes: CW, friends, sports, Boston', Friday nights, 
sleeping in, KP, BLACK, KC, music, vacations, 
Christmas, 22, 4, laughing, driving, texting, 
summer, thunderstorms, iee cream, tie-dye, 
beach, chocolate, 2:15 Dislikes: stress, drama, 
fake people, liars, Mondays, racism, SATs, losing 
things, goodbyes Memories : anything w/ CW, 
prom, Friday night football games, KP softball 
hock champs 07-08, car rides, dance parties, 
summers, team dinners, spirit days, 1217 
always, star tattoos, TLM Thank vou: Mom, Joe, 
Kathy, Lauren, and Chris for everything. I love 
you all. Thanks to Leonard for always being 
there for me. And my girls. 

Like: Fall, late nights, sunrises, BL, family, pictures, | 
pony friends, lake house, the kids:, CB, LP, AP, and 
of course six the pigl Dislike- Fakes, drama, liars, 
messes Memories: Freshmen year, DHC, ferlands, 
lake house, Sarahs '06, half day's <® sarahs, Suttons 
'08 Thank vou: Mom, Dad, Grams, Zachary, Logan 
& sweet pea, thanks you for everything! I wouldn't 
be who I am today if you weren't part of my lift 
love you all so much! 




ain, coffee, life, long weekends, the 

distinction between "your" and "you're", secret 
espionage missions in the dead of night, 
bothering Kelly, e riding random corners 

to practice in, snow days, French ghosts, HR 131, 
g; KP disasters, sleeping in, the fervor 
and gene: : f goodness that can be 

attributed to Taco Day Memories : Flat tire at 
midnight In the rain somewhere in Connecticut 
w/ the band in '05, that jazz sectional minus Mr. 
T when we dueled with the cleaning rods, rides 
on bus I, Essentially Ellington '07, French class 
for four years, eating ice cream on a curb in the 
summertime Thank You: Just about everyone I 
know. And the Beatles too 

Likes: snow days, long weekends, wiffelball at 
Timberfield, pond and street hockey, backyard 
football. inceoffs, Tom Petty, South Park, 

The Patriots, basketball at Rice, Buf chicks, fines, 
OBs Dislikes: getting up early, slow drivers, 
authority, ungrateful people, JD, ME's, 3 tardys, 
the outlets, driving OB and JDubs around 
Memories: JV baseball, Freshman Football and 
Basketball, Back of the Bus Crew, Wrentham 
Diamond league, freshman graffiti, freshman 
fire drills, sophomore loekdown, winter track, 
CCs lockers, Dan G, math group, Six Flags Thank 
You : Mom + Dad, I never gave you guys enough 

Likes: Family, Friends, Football, Mrs. Deluca, 
Chevy POS, #81, The Crew, OCB, Tweeter 
parking lots, winning, Heavies, Crulsin, nugget, 
bombwraps, bobb drops, snowmobiling, and Jim . 
Carey Dislikes: Happy Circles, Heather without 
meds, losing, Foxboro kids, Ms. Maher, Yankees, 
Tweeter, Mondays, Fletcher Memories: KP 
Football, Timmys house, Lake Archer campout, 
Timber Field, the cape, sneaking into Tweeter, 
fishing, Saco, Chalet Thank You: God, Mom and 
Dad, family, Stevey and Tim, Coach Lee, the 
team, and everyone that put up with me. 

Ckfisiofktr J^Awiiski 

Likes: skiing, car rides to Sunday River, 
jamming, going fast Dislikes: Mondays, The 
Penitentiary Memori- -. . - tamp, Suttons, 

tweete: : iikYou: good luck KP peace 


Starbucks, nice slice, Thayer St., shows, clothes, 
books, diet coke, music, photo club, Kevin, pest 
. S40s, shy bikers, Henry, Julias, Elenor 
Dislikes: getting pulled over, Wrentham outlets, 
gant people, Wendys, protocds, Bros. Memories 

, pickle, Judson, peanut, driving 

Fourth meal, 10/1/08, No pizza, Gina B & Renny T. 
Augusten Burroughs, Hoppin Hill Ave, Grab it, 
Boyfriend, Lanies birthday party, when Kp didnt 
look like a hospital, RIP Charlie, The Godfather 
■-. vou: Family, Emily Tuminelli, Kevin Soares 

Likes: MP, JP, PP, CM, HL, JC, MC, MF, KC. 

:. BP, BS, KA, TC, RP the beach 
Australia, umi chicken, math, DECA h ... 
Rays Babes: glc -.• fd concerts, Pans 

Target, 3ohl3, DR, J A boots, Chilis, faking bday, 
short shorts, walk with Barbie, Christmas tree, 5 
Saturdays, DECA crew, six flags, where is Aul 
phone calls, Billy Gilman, Celtics, DECA dances, MJ| 
tooth, yes, yes, vitamin water fall, Dowsk.. 
Dating Martin!, Kiss concert 07 & 08, Jui 
slush boy, dominos delivery, king street cafe. 
Ice, Mustache Man, tunnel of love, P2P A 
Thar..--, v .: 7 : my mom who has always beer, 
rock, my daddy-o who always makes me laug: 
^^ rids. Also, tl 



J^ttktr O'JitW 

5ox, Patriots, BC F 'eltics, 

Mountain Dew, Playing Madden 08 on Play 
Station 2. Dislikes: NY Yankees. NY Jets, NY 
Giants, Brett Favre, home work, quizzes, tests, the 
: :es: Being an uncle for the first tins 

2004, sophomore year math with Mr-Massotti, the 
day my nephew Gavin was born, the patriots 
winning superbowl XXXVT.XXXVTILXXXIX. The 
Red Sox Winning the world series in 2004, and 
2007. Thank vou: Mr. Massotti and all of the 
teach- 1 had for 4 years I have been at 

KP in SPED. Mom and Dad for supporting me 
when I had problems in school and for always 
being there for me when I was sad. 




91 "<"VR» 


field hockey, hanging with friends, 

.:ig, movies, DEC A Dislikes: homework, 
se food Memories: Say what you wanna say 
Cheesezits brownie sundaes and movie nights 
..: Mom, Dad, Amle, 

:i.,n.l. j.m.,m.r.,s.o.,at.,KEK, and all of my 
Is, and Kf F 

y boys, fires, 

:s, Mr. Grovers stories, arguments with Mr. 
Skenyon, 8k runs, 08s impressions, street hockey, 
poker, my rap music, Goodfellas is # 1 , The Departed 
is #2, the picks during football seasc i 
summer, naps Dislikes: homeroom detentions, 
losing many basketball games, homework (not 
doing it) Memories: all of the:. shman 

year to senior year. It has been a great four years. 
Thank vou: I just want to thank my mom and dad. 

Likes: Puck, baseball, T.V., 

. Ward s brownies, 
mooching rides, cards Dislikes: Coach Cardi, 
driving with Mingels, arguments in wiffleball, 
Carni's, cabbage folk Memories: Petty, AOW, Dr. 
Mongeon dancing, Bukoff s house 
Thank You : Mom and Dad, friends, teachers 

Weve had a lot of arguments, but I appreciate 
everything you have done for me. 

Likes: grizz, barefoot, music, camels, am, 

Tuesdays Dislikes: Getting caught, listening to 
sentim ental dan, parking lots Memories: Recon 
08, new years, planey theory, so many fires, am 

•-nksgiving eve. 
Thank vou: Jesus, Coach Lee, Mr. Riley 




Likes: misusing semicolons, comic books, 
videogame plots, Dollar Tree runs, ska shows, 
expensive hats, drawing odd pictures on quizzes 
Dislikes: crickets, kids who sit in Dunkin and 
dont buy anything, combat books that zip up the 
side, mucus. Memories: spreading the cream 
cheese, the family, AP English I 
Thank You: people who don't buy the yearbook 
and Emily Butler. 


Likes: TD, DB, and CN. We 

driving, snowstorms, fires, holidays, family, friends, 
the ocean Dislikes: birds, flat tires, crazy people, 
working 24/7 Memories: Providence, St. Patricks 
Day 2007, Shinedown concert, car accident with 

Ethan, Augusten Borroughs Jhj ; Mom, Dad, 

Brian, and Dan for always supporting me, and all 
my friends who have stuck with me through 
everything. Love you I 



Likes: hanging with friends.vide'o games, 
sleeping, half days, music Dislikes: Homework, 

boring classes, first period studies Memo: 

pass arounds, calc games Thank You: To my 
friends and parents and my "good" teachers 



Likes: Dance, photography, film, music, movie 

nights, scavenger hunts, Providence, cooking, 
reading, watching sports, Red Sox, Patriots, all of 
the seasons, hanging out w/ friends, sleeping in, 
traveling, late nights Dislikes: seafood, soccer, 
horrible drivers, losing, being fake, running, 
fighting, ignorance, arrogance Memories: DECA 
states 08, summer 07, all of freshman year, 
junior year mornings picking up w/ rachel, 
KPTV random moments Thank You: TO my 
family and my close friends. 

■0*8*. CM- "*** 

] £ music, food, fantasy, stuff, donkey kong, 

dinosaurs, Nissans, girls, people, bus trips, mu 
(blastissimo) Dislikes : having nothing to do, m 
diezpuntc-. .;n shoes, galba' 

MSG M £ ^ rile vldeo projects, Ms. Villi 

life talks, Chamber concerts, Mr. Guernon's . 

Brendan Pisar- 

teachers whom I have learned a great deal at 
life from, my friends and classmates for mak. 
life enjoyable, my family for always being the: 
supporting me, and God for makin' me keep on' 
jack I 

Ckmtopkfcr "PdlicKero 




m I 

kes: Family, Friends, Gym, Sports, Gaming, Wats 

up, Knowin When to Fold I "s Dislikes: 

Hahahah, it's pretty obvious Liars, dumb tail 
hypocrites, Room 132 at 7:35am. Franklin, 
terrorists, Obama, Bad Mornings, Annoying 
people, and Running Out Memories: Jersey Shore 
06-09, 'cruisin the Tri, R.I.P. Hampton, Summer 
06-09, Admiral Nights, Sports, HOCK CHAMPS, 
Nature trail, Coneer 1 "er, Abduls Woods, 
and half days Thank vou: My mom, Rich + E J, 
- - ante for helping me with EVERYTHING and 
:'. Coach Warren + Coach Schairer 

H I • ' * 

L 3: Summer, Beach Fashion, Vacations 

-5: Sports, exams Memories: 3.5, Mr. 

11, sex ed. With D.S.O, Studies in the 

cafeteria, Lemon, time with EM, Terds with Coach 

Lee. Fashion & Accounting 

illy and friends for being there 

; hanging with friends, pizza, ocean, walking 

through my woods, movies, bowling, helping people 

g: People who judge me, people who talk 

r others behind our backs Memories: 
Prom, P-Hut on half days Thank You: To my family 
and friends, who i care for and will protect 

Likes: family, friends, beach, sleep, music, 
concerts, and chillen Dislikes: liars, tomatoes, 
stop signs, and KP Memories: beach on the last 
day of school, rich's, UMD, chillen with my girls, 
sumer jam, screamfest, oar, Stoughton, and 
summer 07 

3: summertime, the beach, bonuses, class of 

09, hanging out with friends, roadtrips, listening 
to music, fridays, concerts, first snow day. 
bests HS, MG, JC, RP, CN, KL, MC, nights out with 
the girls, sleepovers, weekends ;.:-;::".:: .=s: iustin 
nozuka concert, newport roadtrip, journey 
concert, camping summer of 08, scavhunts, mass 

. new years 07, fourth of july, silly hilly always 
getting us lost, kiss concert 08, drives to provi, 
bonfires, last day of junior year, block island, roll 
the dice CN Thank vou: my family, thanks for 
always being there and a special thanks to my 
Mom for always supporting me. Mike have fun 

s hing your high school years. To my girls we 
have had some awesome times here at KP but this 
is just the beginning for us we have so much 

Likes: my be- fire, O.A.R., nip/tuck 

snugglefests, shopping, weekends, all-nighters, 
boats, drama, O.W., D.J.M., E.C., K.J., P.Z., R.S, 
K.C., J.J., L.G., 8.C., M.A., gidthro, food, summer, 
money, Dislikes: tight pants on boys, 
fantastic.the speed limits, exercise Memories: 
campout 06, billy joel-R.S.S. C.E.Os, round 2, 
Adam Pauls calc, legends, keller people, maddie, 
trout pond, the old mill stakeout, summer 06, 
scarce resources, froshyear, Suttons and 
Lashers, Narraganset, proms, tweeter rip, the 
cape, livis envelopes Thank vou: mom and dad, 
thanks for liking me better than Suzy. 

Likes: baseball, soccer, concerts, hanging w/ 
friends, fires, Tweeter Center, straaight chillin, 
poker, music, wiffle ball Dislikes : Comcast 
center, politicians Memories: camp outs at 
JR's and JK's, Petty concert, Boulters 06, 
graffiti freshman year, bomb evacuation, DMB 
concert, intercom situation, World Series 04 07 
Thank You: Mom and Dad for all the help you 
have given me throught the years 


jvUttkw ^°^ 

""P At JvW*' 

; Oats, Spongebob, reading books, art, 

taking pictures. Dislikes: Hummus, acne, school, 
cat haters (hiss). Memories: When i got my cats, 
going to Maine. Thank vou: My Mom, My 
Grammy, Mr. Breen, and Mrs. Cress. 

'RagM "PotfutY-s 

"Kai -R*t. 1?A*k" 

2*^ *<»>«* 


.is, JC, MI . & the city 

marathons, long car rides, sweatshirts, weekends, 
chilis, buff chic, class of 09, cookouts, concerts, 
nights out w/the girls, sleepovers, gossip . 
dragon garden, scarves, sunglasses, Jesse 
McCartney, talking, eoca-eola, pink, pictures 
Memories: soph semi, new years 07, bonfires, block 

I ,ikes: riding my quad, chillin with friends, roto, 

DmmrfoTi/vj <5imer> rir-nifnn T ,illv Sna. T.R.I.B. P3 M 

island, camping w/JC MP, 07-08w/MW, redsox 
game, junior prom, kiss concert 08, July 4 08, 
game night w/MC PB, karaoke at sand bar, town 
spa boys, GNO in Provi, 8/29/08, last day junior 
year, rainy day in Boston, little angels, olive g & 
football games w/ frizzy, hsm3 w/DG, meeting 
jmac, minicvan w/SJ Thar..-. m, Dad, and 

Joycee for everything JC MP You guys are 
amazing. Friz, have funjiext year! 

Providence, Super dragon, Lilly Spa, T.R.I.B. P3 
jubwoofer, competitive gym, Mr. Carneiro 4 yi 

el Power, dirt bikes 1_ \ 

ire r : rig taco day every w 

jsingaF:.- 1 :r>anddaa 

always believing in me and bailing me out of ti 


No Photo 


(]A30K. 'TZA{{t<fty 



OoKAtkA*. ^RA^monA 


Likes: Cats, Spongebob, reading books, art, 
taking pictures. Dislikes: Hummus, acne, school 
cat haters (hiss). Memories: When i got my cats, 
going to Maine. ~:.-.:.r: v u: My Mom, My 

Grammy, Mr. Bre 



Likes: Art, writing, playing guitar and drums, 
concerts, any kind of culture event, reading, 
traveling, poetry, doing speeches, skits, videos 
etc, trying new things, family, friend.-. 
Dislikes: math, science (except for Mr. Grover), 
business, consumerism, pointless work, Drivers 
Ed. buying gas, dentist Memories: Table 8 in Art, 
four fun years with Ms. Fig, pass arounds with 
Mrs. V, all day recording session 

Tikes: Football, Prison Break, Video Games, TACO 

DAY, Marine Science 1 >ut Camp, 

. i lack of respect, hurting my knee 
Memories: Junior Prom, Old KT . 07, 

Ryan Connolly, Johnny Irwin, Maria Piazza, Nora 
Lehan, Jackie Beatrice Thank You: Mom and Dad 
.king with me the whole way! 

No Photo 




L ; r'riends, family, KPTV, Bayside, tennis, Dr. 

p, Tootsies and the girls, tips, Sally 

.-. summer Memories: freshmen yr 
w/ BF and LG. NYC 06, TV with CR, JR, AT, co-ed, 
year w/ JC, DC, AP Fayle class, mixed dubs 
and proms, Maine w/MH, HE, RH, 
. Red Sox and Celts parade w/ AS, MV w/ 
.-:, date nights. Cape w/ BF, AS, brownie 

sundaes with AM, M5 with CS, KW.7 ; To 

ly teachers and the 2009 co-advisors. Good 
A DG MG.To all my family, friends, and Alex 
< you so much for all your love and support 
Without you I would be nowhere. I love you all I 

"B*a*llfci} Tuqmri 


i Hiking back in CA; seeing my family on a 

ifi Caribbean; pizza; dogs. Dislikes: 
Vegetables. People shortening words (i.e. "fab" or 
"dellsh."). Holiday advertisements. People 
themselves. Memo:. Ime 

that somebody started talking. Then they stopped. 

"-mem ever. Thank voir Thanks for the 
respect. A decent lew.. 

OoStpk -FWoK 


Likes : Stones, summer, lax, 17, Boston, Dub Chee, 

TLM, hockey games, watch your head, 2 for 1 , 
6team. strek, pond hockey, friz, grav, 09, won; 
concerts, always sunny, crulsln the tri, birks, 
wakeboarding Dislikes: 7:35. Franklin, NY, being 
bore> ; . .n outs, losing, bad grades, parking 

stickers, broke, DT Memories: 31 1 /snoop, badfish, 
hampton, 20-2, suttons 08, TLM Always in our 
hearts, country fest, RI, basement, nanas, path 
Thank You: To my family and friends. Thanks to 

stevie and coach for 4 good seasons. To'09 for all 
the good nights 

V'*A V 




Likes: hanging out with friends, KPFH, tennis, 

beach, summer, weekends, skiing, staying up late, 
sleeping in, shopping, marshmallows, bonfires 
; ama, stress, fights, waking up early 

Memories: drifecta dates, wiffleball, volleyball 
games, physics and chem, midnight study 
sessions, undefeated season, brownie sundae 

-. U-MASS Amherst, life plan, life talks, CO. 
Thank You: to everyone how has always been 

there for me 

Likes: Hockey, girls, hanging with my buds, 6 
a.m. practice, Tuesdays, In . full tank 

-... ?. Frankli: . 

Mondays, paying for gas, F Viank vou: 

Nana, Grampy, Mom, Dad thank- ing up 

w/ me. Mrs. Bertam, wouldn't have done it w/out 


•Tlucxo. 13*" 

Likes: Vacations, Motoeross, Weekends, 
Weekend away, racing, hanging out with 

.:is, 5-10 Dislike :- - . old term s. finals. 
hater;- :-h, work 

7> ; <ly?S1 

". > '• i 


^gttua^^d"* 15 



Likes : friends, laughing, weekends, surprises, 
shopping, red sox, Juicy, texting, late nights, 
D.M.B, sweats, parties, tanning, BL, driving, 
snuggling, family, dancing, 11:1 
thunderstorms, football games, concerts Dislikes 
: bugs, Mondays, fake people, drama, getting lost, 
being late, snow, goodbyes, rudeness, tests, 7:35, 
cats awkward silences Memories: times with 09, 
all semis/proms, D.M.B, OA.R.07-08, Big Fish 
9/29/07, N.Y.C. and Sanibel Harbour w/N.A.C. old 
KP, frosh year, nights at L&S2, Narragansett 
with R.M.J. Freshman fest, senior year Thank 

inks so much to my family and friends! 

Love you I Good luck dana & alex and stay classy 


I .ikes: Chillen in the Temple, 360 Elite, Cod4, 

: .Ima's Boy, Buf-Chik, S-Diesel Dislikes: 
School Memories: Temple Council Meeting, and 
Entry Challenges 


Likes: summer, Maine, quads, friends, my 

explorer, weekends, nationals, Pal, beaches, 
staying out late, swimming, snow, parties 
Memories: Comcast Center, Rab, Summe . 

.ationals 05, prom 08, painting ears. Sox 
Parade. 6 flags, watching Susan sink kayak, Geo 
Goo Dolls, Seekonk Speedway, PA trip w/Lil Roy 

atball; Philly Eagle Baseball; Boston Red 

Sox Dislikes: Waking up early and how school 
lunch prices go up at the same rate gas does. 

[emories: Definitely every day in tv ci- ; 
memory, and when Ryan Leary put a pen 
AC in Dougias class freshmen year, THE DEMO, 
and P-Hut on half days. Thank vou: Thank you 
all of my teachers who made high school great! 



Likes: Computers, Guitar, Skateboarding Dislikes 

Soccer, Drama, Greenday Memories: Coming to 
KP for the first time Thank You: Mom and Dad, 
Friends, Teachers 

in New York and Boston, teaching dance, 
4/13/07, summers of '07 and '08 Thank vou: 
Mom, Dad, Jenn, Tyler, Joey, Rachel, Maureen, 
Tom, Craig, and all my friends, you know who 
you are. Love you all! 

• ' ^^ 

Likes: Computers, video games, acting, food, 
friends, peace, nature, helping people, listening 
to music, T.V. Production, making people laugh 
Dislikes: Prejudice, boring lectures, too much 
attention, being bored Memories: Improv club 
with Mr. Ambrose, the old building. 
Thank vou: To everyone who made my senior 
year great. 





I k 



k.', v-- 

Cava v^aui 


Likes: CM, HL, MF, CN, KO, JC, KW, DD, LD, SD, 

raspberry lime rickies, cakes, cheer factor, Fire and 
Ice, DECA, Papa Ginos, Limey, Moo, beach, Fred 
Dislikes: birds, math, science, rain, scary movies, 

getting lost evidence, when seagulls 

attack Memories: lets play the guessing game, 
Moo Moos ice cream, DECA conferences, 

secake fact v nael Foleys 

tooth, War; grounds w/RS, 

SD and DD, junior prom, videos with HL, phone 
calls, KISS concert 07 and 08, lifetime, chem. Class, 
vitamin C, Cartel Concert, T & S concert, Chinese 
food and drive-:' vou: To my mom and dad 

for always supporting me. Becca for being my best 
friend for being awesome, I love you I 

Likes: The Beach, Guitar, Movies, 2:1 5, vacati 

. lends, Shopping, Concerts, Roadtrips, 

girl, One Tree Hill, Strawberry Mer. 


Cold, Homework, Math, Rhode Island Drivers, 

Traffic, The Outlets.Coco: . 

baked Pizza, rules, goodbyes, sharks, stubbing 

toe U : 'C07-NC08, warped tour07-06. 

Pike, JN conce- assD, 2nd E 

Rd Trip, Journey, J - - Charleston, B. 

-, Newport, Scav Hum ] I 'am & Ds- 

ive made it through w/ out you! 

.: .t- 1 --■» - J 






£$l Stxto* 



vW*k vyiK^t^- 


Likes: Buddies, KCannons, Late Nights, long 

walks on the beach, keystores, cruising the tri, 
full battery, watching the sun rise, fires, cold as 
ice, good people, Lacrosse I . ; fake 

people, carnies, Mondays, bad drivers. 
detentions, waking up, curfews, party poopers, 
toilet S( ■ '-ories: Moe down, Roger Waters, 

Suttons 4 day, Lashers, New Hamp, Luau, 
Business party, Country Fest 08, Tool '07 Cape 
Cod, come on Shelaghs basement Thank You: 
Mom and Dad for putting up with all of my 

Likes: The Cape, Mountain Dew, candy, apple pie, 

ice cream, hanging with MC, gaming, volleyball, 
e. the Altaian Broth-' 

and my puppy Kacey Memories: Getting the 
braces off Thari__ t -.Mom, Da 

Adam, and Alyssa for all of your support and 

'* -t ' 

L g CA, JC, KF, Dogs, eating, shopping, the 

color blue, snow, the driving the beach on Cape 
Cod, shopping, and sleeping Dislikes: The 
the summer ending, elevators, tunnels, and 
getting up early 






■Mi, C-vSttt. ^tttti/ 

lbway, NY 
_M, Fear & 

Loathing in Las Vegas, 4, : ] s; Monday 

mornings, liars, fake people, drama, 7:35 
Merr,- - party, my basement 

^_^__ Lascar, hunting, Ashing, and UPS 

sowboy cheerleaders ^____ not playing football 
senior year, homework, work, rain Memc : 
Ohillin with my friends and playing varsity football 

Sutton's '08, 6/19 w/ KC & MA, 31 1 '07 & '08, 
Nana's lake house, Narragansett '08, Petty '08, 
OAR '07-'08 Thank You: Mom, Dad, Megs & Derek. 
Thank you so much for always believing in me. I 
love you guy s I 

Likes: laughing, the beach, concerts, spending t 

with friends, candy, JAM, J+D, Harry Pc: 
fi iimrr . Red Sox, Patriots, snow If 

pictures, volleyball, the o:': ^ 

W ' 

math i -■ AM, quad, 

camping 08, pool nights, english 09 I 

family, friends, quadgirls-love y 

'RickArA ^Kvut 




L.kes: Chillen, food, money, trips, KB, summer, 
Kaines house, Are pit, High School, The shed, 
speeding, friends, long nights, early mornings, 
sophomore year, Ireland, airplane fields, state 
school, girls, zips, fights Dislikes: High school, 
first period, no rides, no car Memories: Ireland 
08, Junior year, freshman year Thank vou: 
Gwen and Patrick Sugrue and my sisters 


Likes: my girlies, chilling with my sister, 
December, rainy days, singing in the car, 
.rig too much money, movies, snow, 
holidays, State Radio, Pumpkin Spice candles, 
pjs, procras raveling, autumn leaves, 

laughing at nothing, peace, Chinese food, being 
happy,, coffee, baking, slipper socks 
Dislikes: backseat drivers, people with no sense 
erf humor, going too long without seeing Sara, 
quiet, stress, war, pop music, getting yelled at, 
negative people Memories: Much love to my 
family- you make the difference, Sara you help 
me survive- 1 couldn't do anything without you. 
My friends-you rock.^npugh said. 

Likes: Italian food, skating and snowboarding, 
chilling with friends, Girls, my dog Freckles, 
French fries, Thug life Dislikes: Miley Cyrus, 
country music, haters, Quakers, Gibby Thank 
You: mom, Dad, Scott, Zack, Noah, Lib, he • 
Polachis, Friends and people who helped ; 
get through the hard times 





No Photo 

r -v.' 


Likes: hanging out with friends, laughing, sleeping, 
eating, my two, long car rides, tanning, dance 
parties, one tree hill, Jayden, panera, girls nig 
fires, buff chick calzone, UC, RS, PZ, LG, OW, ER, KM 
Dislikes: Yankees, New Jersey, Drama, Lettuc- 
Fame people, thunder, Mondays, math Memories: 
New Hamp 07, Narragansett 08, Carolines 
basement, starkys, summer jam 07 & 08, goo goo 
dolls, oar, last day 08, JAC, the crew, double 111 blue, 
thorndike, softball, new years eve 08, 6/24/07 
Than:-: l.iom, Dad, Nicole, Amanda, car, 

sam, & the OHandleys I wouldn't have made it with 
out you. Sean for everything! Love you all. 


Likes: The white truck, school street, pat, gina, 
. tyler, cornhole, zach, squash, cumbys, c i 
chance, my snowboard, the mini, the powerli:. 
park kids, halo, fern gully, brett and fra: 
Plalnville, traveling, the blue truck Dislikes: the 

authorities, car crashes, not having Men. 

the times I've had with my ftlei n 

slice and liz, my friends, taco bell, 
mcdonalds, burger king, subway, snow, chevy 

■c )' • 

Likes: DL, coffee, law and order, Cape Cod, 
photography, painting, art class, tea, boots, 
cardigans, pomegranate, snow, CN, PT, KS. BW. 
film, anchors, Kevin Devine, gummy bear- 
INTEL!, Nice slice, Garden State, thrift stores, 
Potato & Moose Dislikes: girls, lies, work, the 
Wrentham Outlets, stress, bros Memories: Table 
8, 8/21/07, peanut, Thayer Street Thank You: To 
my parents who have supported me no matter 

and Daniel thank you for always being 
there for me. I love you. 

,< -y 

V' BM 

"pAt-rick ^TomA 

ZlixAbttk TorosiM 


jM° lk 

L ; School St., Greg Tobin, Tyler Kershaw, 

Levierge, Tyler Holden, Glna Mozzacca, 
le, Josh Gallagher, Zach Brock, the big 
•.<, OLC, Cumby'e, Bridge Nine, Subway, 

. Fat dog, little : is: Walpole, car 

. the mall, broken hands Memories: The 
fcevierge home, Taco Bell Tuesdays, Power lines 
___ ads, Family, Jim and Liz Levierge 


Likes: vacation, volleyball, summer, going to the 

beach, drawing, chocolate, road *e-in 

movies, texting, laughing, shopping, n64, south 

::ouse, ipc ; the jonas brothers 

Memories: footba.. gai . the old KP, 3-hc 

, new controverr8y, taco bell thursdays, spirit 
week, the aliens in Mrs. Raymonds class. Thank 
You: Mom and Dad, Emily, Jeremy, and my be 
friends that had my back these past four years 

"i&obty. j&obbs. Aubj" 

; iends&family, F.S.P.A., dancing, 

perfor: if, cb, dw, am, nc, my roomies, 

concerts, tweeter, music, country, pictures, ice 
creme, lemonade, t-bell, beach, summer, tann. 
fall, the ocean, bonfires, shopping, Disney, boston, 
sweats, snuggling, dk • anktown,J.l 

.as: two-faced people, goodbyes, 

rig up, fakeness, the academy, cats 
: :. :.;:;.:;.: old KP, disney 08, summer 08, cape 
06-08, s.w.m., d.m.b. 07-08, g.l.p., dear maid, derka, 
Friday nights w/ lef, gine&ut excursions, provi, 

the cabin, psych clas ar Mom, Dad, 

Lauren, Jason, friends, F.S.P.A., for all or your 
encouragement and support. Love always I Good 

'9-ly, stay classy j 


£tU<j <\)«ty 


L.y.~i: LB squad, favos, food, working out, beach 
days, KP soccer, lacrosse, old KP, lazy days, rain, 

athons with MD, night games, fall Dislikes: 
goodbyes, early mornings, making decisions, the 
warning bell Memories: guster, 8232* , freshman 
year, dux/ca: . f.yid, spaghetti dinners, chops, 
night skiing, sledding, meeting Adrianna, NY '07, 
tent outs strc with Auntie, bb with MD,. RT, AM, 

.th CO, SS with MM & CB, snack pack, pig out 
C&M Thank vou: To Mom, Dad, Laui 
and my friends- Love You! Good luck with the 
rest of high school Brownie and good luck in the 
future '09! "Life is what you make oi 

Likes: Friends, Family, Music, the Beach, 
summertime, romantic comedies, shopping, hot 
weather, lime green, Bertujcis. all-nighters. 
blasting music with my friends, hot chocolate, 
coffee, chocolate covered pretzels, the ocean, 
American Eagle, traveling, ECC, gum, flip flops 
Dislikes: Seafood, The cold, Sunburns, tea, 

. ;ork, stress, exams, Memories: Junior AP 
English,Providence. Prom 08, Dunkies trips 
w/TkLT and AB, spirit weeks, Spanish II, sitting 
on the tennis court for two hours, Softball, New 
years w/ Taryn, Peer Mediation Thank vou: To 
all my friends who have stuck with me the past 
four years and to ev e^sro ne. including my : 
in j _ 


-_: The-Ville, football, Warriors, winning, 

ig, - .'. The Hornet, Pats, Sox, Celts 
Memories: KP football, My house, Timberfield, 
Do it yourself, Kangalanga, MJ's Barber Stop, 
Mark's House after Jr. Prom, Summer Jam, 
OAR, Tom Petty, One on one with Mrs. D, iate 
night swimming with KA,MJ,MT, Celtics 
Parade, catch the potatoe, camp out '06 Thank 
You:Mom, Dad,Ty,Kim,Kyle,Steve,Greg, PatThe 
Moose Clan,Mrs.J, Mono,Stevey,Mac, Mrs.Mono, 
Friends thanks for everything-You have helped 
me make these past 4 years go by smoothly & 
it is greatly appreciated. love you all! 


Likes: Track and XC, Led Zeppelin, Rolling 

Stones, The Clash, video games, Brandan 
Williams Antics, phys. ^___ . mework, 
parking fee, Math and English, gas prices, lunch 

v/aking up early. The Academy, The 
Patriot Act Memories: The Law offices of Wojo, 
calling Mike MC, XC and Track bus rides, 

38, old KP Thank You: Parents, Sisters, 
Teach - 

MF, College visits, BLs, TyeBye, Snuggles 

: :3. Franklin, Handbook, The Sf 

Debbie-: : .man year. Cape 

Cod, Summer 08, Bahamas, Sacco 08, Pre:: 

' ": ..: : : :. 

r, YOU'RE beavt:- 






_____, summer, shopping, Vera 

Bradley, birthdays, cuddling, Ch: miry, 

laughing, pasta, scarves, vacations, napping 


: ambling. -ompetence, math, bee 

Campout 06', Nacho M 

santa, November 28, CoEd Socce - - er 06', 

-hearts w 
. nging ou- 
_< vou: Mom, Dad ar. 
you all sc 
J Pete, Good luck next year and tha: . "ays 



Likes :09. Friends, family, shopping, tanning, 
weekends, summertime, music, one tree hill, 
Greek night, Hockey & Football games, vacations. 
Redsox, Pats, acrylics Dislikes: drama, 08, fake 
people, cheaters, Saturday detentions, Comcast, 
Jealous girl.- '. : -3: freshman year, Sarahs 

06, Tweeter, C.E.O.s, Sutton : 37, 

sneakin out 06, RStarks basement, Sarahs house 
half days, Luau party at Beaus, DHC, Ferls 1 
Thank . . -.hanks for 

always believing in me. I couldn't have made it 
w/out youl RMJ, thank you for being my 
inspiration, you're so strong. I love you! T.L.M 
Best Friends forever - "And I'll take with me all 
the memories, to be my sunshine after the rain, 
to yesterday, 

v -o 


Oa^ e 

Ge^ c 



(\\W e 




^sTew 68 







^ e °' 





»inneri are. . A 


"Best 'iQrtsstA 
Michael Foley & 

Kait Flanagan 



It's rainin', but there ain't a cloud in the sky, must have been a tear 

v -i 

5 Sh 













In Loving Memory 





Taylor Lee 

Daughter, Sister, Granddaughter, Cousin, Niece 

Friend, Classmate 


When I think about rain, 

I think about singing. 

When I think about singing, 

It's a heavenly tune. 

When I think about heaven, 

I think about Angels. 

'- 3n I think about Angel 


Lftfe - L^agh - Let><g 






















pu\i oi BuioB 9j,dM Ajjom i,uoq -deep os ,um6\s no A ueeq OAeq }snuj 




> ■ 

I Comwdkkti 

Back Row: K Vesty, C. Sullivan, C. McEntee, B. Chipman, C. Ketchum, 

W. Robeson, R. Robbat 
Front Row: M. Billian, M. Howard, P. Francomano, J. Oliveri 

-{iiAk <Sckoo( A^wmistYVVtioK. 

Julie Miller - 
Assistant Principal 

Jill Proulx 

Robert Wargo - 
Assistant Principal 

■ i 

^District A^wmis-tyvvtioK. 


Dr. Richard Robbat 

Superintendent of Schools 

Paul Schaefer 

Business Manager 

Audrey Lacher 

Director of Special Education 

Pauline Lessard 

Principal's Secretary 

Marilyn Antonellis 

Secretary- Main Office 

Kathy Medici 

Secretary - Main Office 

April Sloan 

Secretary - Main Office 

Mary Crehan 

Secretary - Guidance 

Greg Massotti 

Student Success Leader 

Elaine Chamberland Dianne Nicholson 

Secretary - Special Education Secretary - Guidance & Special Education 

Sean Bouzan 

Technology Coordinator 

Michael Bois 

Network Manager 

Justin Flynn 

Help Desk Technician 










Ann Marie Adelsberger 
Teaching Assistant 

Jo-Ann Barnes 
Guidance Dept 

Debra Barret 

Math Dept 

Kathy Boucher 

RN Special Education 


Richard Boucher 
Science Dept 

Doris Brennan 

Science Dept 


Pamela Buchanio 

Teaching Assistant 

Marylyn Callanan 

Special Education Dept 

Debra Campos 

Information Technology Dept 

Aline Cannon 

Teaching Assistant 

Elizabeth Coleman 

History/Social Studies 

Andrew Connors 

History/Social Studies 

Christopher Costello 

History/Social Studies 


Roseann Costello 

Foreign Language Dept 

Shannon Cress 

Art Dept 

Victoria D'Annunzio 
Foreign Language Dept 

Alison Davies 
Teaching Assistant 

Katherine Deluca 

Math Dept 

Pat Dennis 

Special Education Dept 

Maura Doyle 

Special Education Dept 



Kathy Elich 
Science Dept 

Doug Fayle 

History/Social Studies 

Charles Ferullo 

Science Dept 

April Frey 
Math Dept 

Jenna Gallagher 

Health/Wellness Dept 

Jam Gentili 

History/Social Studies 

Jodi Greenlea 

Information Technology 

Andrew Grover 
Science Dept 

Maurice Guernon 

History/Social Studies 


Marissa Harris 
English Dept 

Lisa Heagney 

Guidance Dept 

Mark Henaghen 

English Dept 

Rita Henderson 
Teaching Assistant 

Jacqueline Huckle Melissa Johnson 

English Dept Teaching Assistant 

Jessica Johnston 

Health/Wellness Dept 

Jonathan Jones 

Teaching Assistant 

Scott Kramer 

Math Dept 

William Kummer 
Math Dept 

Ann Lambert 

Science Dept 

T ACUity 


It > >. 




Jennifer Leandres 

Math Dept 

James Leonard 

Special Education Dept 

Clifford Lewis 
Foreign Language Dept 

Julie Little 
Guidance Dept 

Christina Logan 

English Dept 

Jennifer Logan 

English Dept 

Margaret Maher 

English Dept 

Nancy Mannering 
Foreign Language Dept 

Kaitlin McCarthy 
Guidance Dept 

Joanne McCourt 

Foreign Language Dept 

Kristen McCray 
Special Education Dept 

Loreen Meyer 

Science Dept 

Kristine Miller 
Math Dept 

Joanne Mongeon Mindy Morin 

English Dept History/Social Studies 

Louise Mullaney 

Teaching Assistant 

Debora Myers 

Math Dept 

Linda Negus 

Teaching Assistant 

Erik Nelson 

Jan Noble 

Information Technology Special Education Dept 



Jessica Nutter 

Guidance Dept 

Cathleen Puzas 


Alan Rudolph 

Teaching Assistant 

Julie Pavao 

Guidance Dept 

Melissa Pavlik 

Science Dept 

Gretchen Pickart 

Science Dept 

Richard Pultz 

Science Dept 

_JpHSfc J ." J 
Veronica Ramos 

Art Dept 

Tony Reis 
Teaching Assistant 

Lisa Remick 

Special Education Dept 

Rivka Rocchio 

English Dept 

Barbara Shapanus 

Special Education Dept 

Sean Skenyon 

English Dept 

Joan Solomon 

Library Assistant 

Alyson St. Amand 

Physical Education Dept 

Carol Stankiewicz 

Information Technology 

Ethel Strekouras 

Math Dept 

Peter Tileston 

Music Dept 

Diane Tower 
Special Education Dept 

Elena Varney 

Special Education Dept 


Ann Yetman 

Teaching Assistant 


Cathleen Cameiro 



Sarah Haussmann 
Jan Rumsey 

Karen Zuercher 

Foreign Language Dept 



Mark Breen 

Edith Erickson 

Joe Ferreira 

John Finase 

Information Tech 

James Dow 

Foreign Language 

Andrew Childs 

Linda Chilson 

Christine Figueiredo 

J\fot 'PictvM-eA 


Vana Dougias 
Lori Quinn 


Jean Neubauer 

Special Education Special Education 
Department Department 

Barbara Woodland 
Bonnie Provost 

Daryl Begin 

Kim Bertram 

Linda Chichester 

Jennifer Medina 

Carol Meuser 

Cory Wilson 


Wesley Burhoe 

Robert Contursi 

Amy Drake 

Cathy Witter 


Joseph Pelletier 




llidio Cameiro 
Brian Lee 

Athletic Director 

Steve Schairer 


CuskoAM \SkA{{ 

Jiot "Pictured 

Tom Lawler 
Head Custodian 

Charlie Brindley 

John DaSilva 

Dave Hunchard 

Paul Spencer 

Dale Willis 

Jeff Poirier 

Ed LeBlanc 

]^ 'K.oow &a{{ 

Gay Zervas 

Cafeteria Manager 

Carol Troiano 

Cafeteria Director 

Cafeteria Staff 







x ^^^^^^B 

' JH AttSlillTC^jM . 



ff w : 

^V F 1^7*m ^H 

* a , j 

• T^** 

■ 4i i 


V 1 ^^Hl^^^^ 




t m 

^1 W-^^U 



f ; 

-■ V 



Elizabeth Allen Nicholas Almeida Tabitha Almdeida Julia Alvidrez Maria Alvidrez Patrick Amidon Amanda Anderson 

Matthew Anderson Jeffery Andrade Jocelyn Andrea Justin Andrews Sara Annis ilizabeth Arico Melanie Arshen 

Matthew Beers Stephen Bell Adam Bennett 

Kellv Benton Daniel Bermingham Ashley Berry Reilly Billian Daniel Bingel Kathleen Bingel Rachel Boardman 

RyanBobillo Christina Bonollo Katie Boothe Kemn Botte Stephanie Boudreau David Bradford Katelyn Brawley 


EmilyBrennan Samantha Brescia Zachary Brohan Christine Bullock Cameron Burke Colin Burns Edward Burns 

jj 1 H E © IS 





HiSryBushTiy^ Jenna Butera Nicholas Calvano Melissa Cameron Troy Carloni Matthew Carrison Samantha Cassidy 

R^neecSli " Timothy Cauley Alexandra Ceven Andrew Chandler Caitlyn Chisholm Monica Ciannavei Rossman Claffey 

JohnOine^^ Michael Cochrane Bnanne Cole Jessica Coleman Sean Connelly Julia Corchetti Nichola Cossette 

Margaret Cote Matthew Cote Emily Crocker Michelle Crocker Erin Croke 

Megan Cronin Brittany Cummings 

Jean Cu'rtin' Joanna Czyzewski Nicole DAngelo ' Brett DArcangelo Cara Daly 

Heather Daniel Derek Danue 

_i am ww i m m 

Rylee Daszkiewicz Katharine Deacon Kaitlyn Delaney 

Shaunna DeLorie Jacquelin DeMayo Nicole DeRusha Tayla Desper 


<3! 1 B3 n © IS 

Tyler Desprez Elizabeth Devine David DeVore Justin Diamand Spencer Dimond Kevin Donahue Stephen Donohue 

Ryan Donovan James Dooley Alexander Doustou Joshua Doustou Cynthia Dowdy Aaron Doyle Alia Dreher 

w^ ^1 

■ Ih ** ^H 

I -<I 

1 * A 

W 1 

1 - 7 1 

> f 

il - Ji 



ri 1 

; ■ 


Lauren Duffy 

Tanisha Dyer 

Brett Ewer 

Meghan Feeney 

Nicole Ferraris 

Caleb Fields 

Madeleine Firth 

Edward Fitzgerald Sean Fitzgerald Kara Flanagan John Florence III Megan Foley Samantha Fox Courtney Francis 

Cameron Fratus Amy Frederickson Brynne Gaffney Daniel Galvin Lanssa Garza Mark Gately Breanna Gentile 

Jeannette Gerry Matthew Getchell Gina Giacalone Lindsey Gifford Natalia Gilio Sarah Gillespie Alison Gilmore 

s i m n ® ® 


OHviaSmor^ Ellen Girouard Kathenne Goldberg Rachel Gora Tania Grace Samantha Granville Brenden Green 

Sa1Snth?GrSo ^^^^^^ Scott Hale) Ryan Hansen Marshall Haughey Matthew Heagney Sara Hedtler 

Cooper-Faye H enry James Higgins ~Kiara Hodge Matthew Hogan Austin Holleran Caroline Home Frank Horton 

Brandon Howard 

Christopher Hoye Daniel Huyett 

TrevinJack Amy Jacques Chelsey Jennette Kayla Johnson 

Alex Jones 

Lincoln Jones Lyndsay Joyal Paul Joyce 

Claire Judson Lauren Kalinowski Katelyn Kelleher 

BrendonKe^er James Killion Nathan Kim Christopher Knowlton Jackson Kost Nathan Kost Kelsey Kozak 



Andrew Lamb Jennifer Lannigan Amanda Lawler Sarah Lechak Daniel Lee Luis Leemon Benjamin Leffelholz 

! Kevin Matz Matthew McCarthy Daniel McCormi, Casey McCoim" Ry McDonald Juliann McEachern 

Benjamin McEvoy Colin McFarland Dahnyoung McGarry 


0N ?X V , ■ 

Davis McKee Amanda McMahon Brooke Meldrum 

Brian Miller 



ift " 1 _ __ 

Priscilla Momz Tyler Monterio " Lauren Morton Kelly Moscariello Kayla Mullen Branden Murphy Colin Murphy 

ChnstopherMurtagh Kathleen Myers Sarah Myers Joseph Napoli Olivia Napoli Lauren Nickerson Kara Niland 

Jl ■» I 
Nicole Palmer Francesca Pasin 

Matthew Paul Me° Petruchik Angela Petruzziello Catherine Phillips Madeline Phillips 

H » ^^^B v 

i^^^^^Rfc. ^v v ^M JH 

^■^ * ^^9 

F^ 1 » *^H 

H^T ■ „ r- ■ 

^^- ^^ 

^^^^^H * ^L 

- 1L " Jl 

^L • ■ ^H v 



Brian Poirier 


^H ^H : ^| 

Molly Plaehn 

William Pomfred 

Nathan Poon 

Andrew Porell 

Tiffany Porter 

Nicole Presti 

Colleen Puzas Alexander Quartarone Maggie Quealy Joshua Raia Brittney Rando Allysa Read 


J® E3H©! 

MereaMthReTmTarT Mary Kate Reilly Bryan Rentel Connor Richards Kelsey Rieger Alyssa Ringler Christopher Robery 

1 V 

Stephen Ruzycky Gina Saccone 

Sharukh Saleem Jennifer Satuta Thomas Sanford Jocelyn Santos Erin Schyljuk 

\ { 73 W 1 4 H ■ .' Vh i 1 I 

i., nSeely Shannon Sepe Katherine Shaw Christopher Shea Sarah Shipley Nicholas Shuley Chnstian Silberhorn 

Brittany Smith Melissa Smith Kasi Sonnenberg Brian Spigarolo Alexander Stalley Alexandria Stambaugh Cody Sullivan 

Meaghan Sullivan Br^okeSwSy^ Rachel Sweeney Amanda Thibedeau Kelly Thome EnkTibert Gregory Trenholm 



Alexandra Tufts Kendra Tully Christopher Uvanovic Callie Veelenturf Melissa Vogt Christine Walker Tyler Wallace 

Trey Walsh Dane Warnick Colin Whitney Elizabeth Williams Geoffrey Williams Marie Willman 

Eve Willoughby 

Christopher Woodward Ian Wudyka Jeffrey Wyman Kevin Yiu Michael Zagieboylo Karl Zeigler 

j4ot -VickariA 


Jesse Clarke As 

.Qara FpHprirn G 

Jesse Clarke 

Sara Federico 

Joshua Gallagher 

Devon Gluza 
Logan Hughes 
Tiffany Jordan 


Ashley Lawrence 

Gina Mazzocca 

Katrina Smith 

Michael Thomas 

Matthew Whitney 

Vanessa Wouters 


jissn ® is 

whatever tean at at, whatever hoM w down 
tfj nothing can he done, we' it make the he$i tf whatt around. 


® W EB ® 

\KRSKT TSkAbrST Joseph Akrouche Raul Alegria Darnel Allen Caitlin Anderson 

TaylaAndre^ GmaAnSe mSKT Darnel Arico Colin Armstrong Bethany Arnold Matthew Asermely 

Francis Baker 


| a Barn' ™ ^Sh^Ba^e" "ifedienxe Bautista Andrew Benedetti Alexandra Benner Rebecca Bennett 

E iTuTtoh ■■ JiiSbST MlonBrEtT David Brady III Lauren Bragdon Austin Brais Ashely Brescia 

Audrey Brothers Jake Brown 

TySbtowF Reb™a Buchanan Natile Buck Jennifer Bullock Emily Burke 

® ip ua ® m ® is 


Casey Burks 

Jake Burks Cameron Bushway Christopher Bryne Christopher Cacciola Kevin Cameron Michael Capobianco 

Leah Capparelli Nicholas Cappuccino Cody Carneiro William Carr Emily Casey Daniel Cebrowski EmmaChassion 

"Brittany Chan Brooke Civitarese Rebecca Clancy Jared Clinton Alecia Colella Zachary Collins Jacqueline Conley 


Tyler Connolly Brandon Corsini Shaun Cosenza 

,_ . ., -, . J A -^ 

TJyfan Curry Holly Curtis Collen Custodio Joseph Daniel Sean Davidson Marc DeBlasio Madeline DeFrank 

Arielle Dehn Jessica DiBacco Chloe Dodge Katelynn Doiron Brendon Doogan Sean Dougherty Hayden Doughty 


® IP IS ® M ® IS 

I^^^K "haelDrum^T Caitlyn Durden Katharine Earley Thomas Eaton Alexandra Embree 

Rachel Empey 

Corinne Falotk? Richard Farrar David Feeney Kelly Feeney Adam Ferrara Charlotte Firth 

Meghan Fitzpatrick Matthew Flanagan Kyle Flink 

Robert Foley Taylor Former 

Christian Foster 

Lucas Franco 

flnte Francoman? ^^p^SB Christopher Galvin Nora Canon Rachael Gerry Timothy G.anfrancesco Ashley Gi g ure 


Be^ ShSoiilesp.e 1 Steven Gillmeister Meaghan Glynn Carly Gorman Timothy Gottlieb Jennifer Gray 

KelseyGray William Greaves III Russel Greenstein Carolyn Griffin 



Paul Guglielmo Marc Gustafson Kristen Haley 


' f 

Kelsey HalpuT Uiu^tJtokins^ Michelle Harkins Jabarah Harley Elizabeth Harrington Kevin Harrington Robert Harrington 

GarretHarwy^ Kenneth Harvey Andrew Hebert Brandon Hehn Weston Hewins Kimberly Hilfrank Kayla Hogan 

Christopher Holmes James Hurley 


Kristen Hurley Christopher Jaques Molly Jeffery 

James Johnston Matthew Jones 

Andrea Kelley Anna Kelley 




Brian LaBelle 

Alex Lagos 

Mattew Keys Colin Kirwin 

Alexandra Kirwin 

Ashley Knott 

Amanda Koechel 

Carolyn Langhauser Justin Lavalle Derek Lavender Connor Layman Nathan Leonard 


© H> B3 ® M ® IS 

Victoria Lesnik Bailey Levetin Lyndsey Lewis 

Ryan Lightbody Callan Liljeberg Brianne Long Shane Loughlin 

Christina Lyons 

Nicole MacAulay Emilee MacDonald Kendall Manning 

Christopher Marcinkevicius Victoria Mariconti Brian Marland Ryan Martin Julia Masse 

Alec May 

iJSi- » 

Matthew McAliffe 

BSeMcSr% uS^cTe Marguerite McDonald Nicole McDonnell Karen McElwee Georgia McGoldrick Molly McGovern 

Katherine McGowan Michael McGrail Thomas McManus Trevor Mealy 

Justin Melanson Drew Mellick Michael Mercadante 

Christina Miceli I^ifnMin™ M^haTCtg^eTy" Kali Moore Ananna Morrocco Victoria Mosolgo Michaela Mulry 

® I? EO © SMI ® IS 


Jake Murphy 

Shannon Murphy Jon Murray Nicholas Muscatiello Lacey Musto Patrick Myers Allison Nevins 

JennaNidcersori Hailey Nievergelt " Timothy Noonan Genevieve O'Malley David Odams Mackenzie Olean Elizabeth Oliverio 

Jeffrey Ortez Rachel Osborn 

Jenna Pac Kristen Parkinson Joseph Pasquantonio Michael Perry 

Sara Perry 

Andrew Peterson Laura Peterson 

Noelle Petronio Courtne\ Pinto Michael Piotrowski Matthew Piscitelli Jeffery Plympton 

Nitin Rajput 

David Raymond Charles Recht Ryan Redfeam Nicole Reilly ~ AshiaResley Edward Riddoch 


® I? E3 © M ® IS 

knni'fer Robillard Jennifer Rooney Alexander Rose Joseph Ross Surjyo Roy 

Cally Ryan Jessica Sabino 

Thomas Sacramona Parissa Safizadeh Zachary Sampson Briain Sarapas Justin Saret Dawn Sarno Emily Sav 

Matthew Schlabach Maximilian Schneider Jared Scheonewolff Abdulazziz Sesay Joshua Setien Micael Sexton Thomas Sharkey 

"Brooke Shaw Timothy Sheehan Erin Shepard Colin Shipley Melinda Shipps Emily Short Ryan Short 

David Silletti Chnstopher Simmons Renee Slamin Amanda Small Joseph Small Ryan Smith Dane Solberg 

BnannaSouza Kathryn Spencer Sandra Squires Paul Stenfeldt Raleigh Stetson Richard Stumpenhagen Samantha Swartzendruber 

© i? eq © m © n& 



Daniel Taft 

Jennifer Taylor 

Libby Taylor 

Brittany Teno 

Heather Thibedeau 

Matthew Tiller 

Cameron Tinkham 

■ - ; ^B 

^ m " ■"■<■ ^1 

V J 

^Hl ■ 

^ fl 

' i <~A 1 

• ^H Bft 

Tara Tocci 

Emily Torosian 

Nicholas Troyanos 

Lauren Trudeau 

Heidi Turinese 

Jennifer Turner 

Giselle Unger 

/fr" ■ \ I 

Michael Werlich Samuel Wheeler Alyss a Wholley Cathryn Winslow Thomas Yang Lauren Y etmen Daniel Young 

Jiot -VickunA 



Andrew Bennett 
Paige Carello 
Cody Chadwick 
Charles Dejesus 
Daniel Dusseault 
Emily Falandys 
Taylor Gallagher 


Kara Lawrence 
Emily Pickett 

Lauren Pigney 
Kevin Rose 

David Simmons 

Jared Sosby 

Nicole Witter 

r*w~ A^| 



r*» **^m vp 


¥ ^ 




Vice President: 






■r^ * J "*H fc^"^ '^ .^r™^. 


flHHHfll rl a ** ^flfln*' "fll 

■k fl 

m \ fll fl\ v ^ 

▼ ^ flflflft 


1 * c 1 

W fVB 

A flft fl^flT i v i 

ElSbeth Abram? Gaw^dams" ™ nnie Adelsberger ' Molly Ahem " Christopher Allen" Denise Allen Daniel Alsten 

"™ AbfSto Ryan Bakinows" Kaitlin Bannon Haylea Barbieri Cody Bausch ' Emily Bean Katelyn Beans 

Hannah Beaulieu Melanie Beaver Christopher Bechet Christina Beck Christopher Beck Jill Beers Tyler Benson 

tSiotbB^ Elizabeth Boissy Karl Bona Brittni Booth Christopher Boselli Robert Boulter Rebekah Bowers 

SfSo^rs SaBntSbu^ iSKn^nZn Ryan Brennan John Brooks Rebecca Brown Daniel Buckley 

ir m 



, ; asTuffone^ "TSeH3ugbee™ Christine Burgos Victoria Burns Joseph Butler Harrison Cahoone Kaitrin Callahan 

TylerTampbell Jillian Capone Matthew Capone Anthony Caragliano Celeste Carey Kevin Carey Megan Carnase 

Bejamin Carr 

ZacharyCarr Andrew Carter Conor Casper Allison Cavalieri Grace Centauro Peter Charpentier 

Calvin Chin JonathanChisholm Cameron Claffey Adam Cobb Katherine Conley Kevin Conley Christian Conley 

Brett Cook Jessica Corcoran Brian Crafton Caitlyn Croke John Crosby Sarah Cuddy Lyndsey Cullen 

JodyCullity Michael Cummings Alexander Curley Logan David Emily Delaney Celia Deletetsky Sean Denehy 

w is s s is m 

Sffiony DiPhilTppo AnSET Holly Dodge Julia Donahue Nicole Donovan Sean Driscoll George Ducharme 

Tvler Duran't ^fr^OxITuTy™ ■An^dTB^ke" ' Kelly Embree" ~ Kristen'Fabiano Christian Fair 

Olivia Fair 

I mr *~\ I ; i 

-,,;,, ii:, (, OliviaGodin Christian Gonser Andrew Gora 

Katrina Grella Jessica Gritzo 




Alicia Guarino Tracy Guerrier 

Eliza Gulbis Learra Hall Rachel Halloway Anastasia Hannan Mitchell Harvey 



Mc^anHealy Katelyn Heyer Matthew Hootstein Kyle Horvath Nicole Howard Alexandra Hughes Timothy Hughes 

Joseph Hurley Sean Hurley Christopher Idzal Zachary Irving Christine Jay Tanner Jensen Ashley Johnson 

Ethan Johnson Jil'lian Kearney Christopher Kehoe Jacob Kelleher Lyssa Kelley l w ■.■ M i 

Evan Layne Kristen LeVierge Brian Lewis 

Olivia Lieberthal Jenna Liljeberg Jason Litchfield Rachael Lomp 




SS Luciano Kylie Ludvigsen Alexander Lumnah Nicolas Lussier Cameron Lyon Shannon MacDonnell Michael Macomber 

iSolaShh NaKelMakme Emil> Manning Peter Marcotte Samuel Margarita Jonathan Martinelli Benjamin Martin 

/\;t) . 

RyanMolloy Samuel Moore Lyndsy Morrissette Henry Mulcahy III Hailey Mullen 

Delanie Muller Ian Murphy 




\JL 1 

Louis Newsom " Erik Nickerson Vanessa Nickerson Amy Nolan Casey Noms Enka O'Brien Kristine O Bnen 

lii fc 

Daniel O'Connor Jessica O'Handley Chad O'Neil 

Robin O'Neil Steven Olaska Mia Onorato Zachary Orlando 

Coralee Osborne Alexander Palango Rvan Palmer Mariah Partain Kathleen Pelaggi Meghan Peterson Jenna Petruzziello 

Christopher Porter Brenton Prescott William Purdue Connor Quigley Shane Quinn Helena Rabasco Sophia Raia 



EC M El !M 

flfirRaymond SelnRedfeariT Benjamin Redman Joaquin Reyes Emily Richards Meghan Rico Kathryn Riley 

M?tth3?Kin?^ "MitchdrRobTrts Julfana Robeson Emily Rose Di d Rosen ChandlerRoss Chelsea Rowe 

Charles Ruffin Katherine Sajdak 

David Salkovitz Richard Saraf Anna Saulnier Diana Scampoli Michael Schmidt 

eS SeigK-g (^ry^Si Emily Sexton Merna Shehata Megan Sherman Anne Shiebler Allyson Shurnan 

AlyslTSieglriaTin Andrew Silberhorn Khelsey Silberhorn Lee Slamin Connor Smith Taylor Smith Rachel Snead 

Mallory Snow Christian Soderlund Zachary Sogard Caroline Spencer 

Gregory Squire Corey Stasis 




John Stenfeldt 


Timothy Sughrue Hannah Sullivan Jesse Sullivan Matthew Sullivan Robert Sullivan Alexander Taddei Kaitlin Throckmorton 

Lindsay Tomas Prescott Trivett Meghan Tunno Savannah Tyo Jillian Valente Kyle Viera LaMarkus Vick 

Michael Viola Marion Elise Walker James Wallace Mary Wesalowski Matthew White Natalie White Dustin Whyte 


'* \ vm v; ji 

Dylan Williams John Williams Evan Wilson Hannah Winslow Lisa Witschel Rachel Wojcik Stacey Wojcik 

1 1 

Jiot -?icturtA 


Cullen Yarworth Katie Yiu 



■Who' v^^^l 

1 * 



a *Tg| J" m&Kr^ 






— . 


freikmen,; ffiptontfrefy juM&rk 




"77 K. S ! 

I J 





^ 1 


, M 

1 r ~ ~3H 


^^v J 









. *» 






^1 ^ 


k \ W] 

' T <<■ 


1 4 





MM &M 



1 ^^^ 

1 1 ~=._ I 


Kelly O' 


Erin Cody. Olivia Woo 


J ■■■ 






in a n a [E , roM a [i a 



• f 




I 'w" 


It - "■' 










I M^^^HHi 




H ? ME , PLUS warriors 






Wm JM 

^^*W ** 


I > 









' t y ... ■>*. ■ ■■ - ■ <*. ' - iV *. > '■* 



■ B 




\m^ LZ 


^*r-*i^i ■ < « i ■'* ' . "** r , __ 

3 1H) 







* < 



TV-* * . > ■ ' ' 


rt** M ."*fW: 

? «^l: 

iS * << 

>> t v^ 

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e ^t 


* 139 



£ ^ *?Vy 


140 * 

King Philip 


& **■*.*% 

1 ] 

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yW V^. ^ 





H 1 


v.* *, 

















■ *V. 

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*? - 

■ 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 








r- >' .■«• f. 

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■ 1 


"^ ' a. 





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-^l if! 

im f ■ " 1 

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■t- AT v # 

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r> ft ^ 




in - 

• • 

. . . 



nil 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 

■• . 



;* <m 



m : m 

l l l l l l I I I 



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Is W 

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W had tft k there! 


r .-: ,-i, s* ../-' f^'<\- 


Mike Colella 


naff fl^vV 

#T- '• 


■■■HM • 


Congratulations and good luck in your 

future years. Hard work, confidence, and 

great personality go a long way. 


Mom, Papa, Max & Tyler 

Matt Dusseault 

Mom, Dad, Tom, Dan and Mike 

Jillian Thibault 

Congratulations Jillybones! 

We love you and are very proud of you! 

May the road rise up to meet you, may the 

wind be always at your back. 

May the sun shine warm upon your face, and 

rain fall soft upon your fields. 

May God hold you in the palms of his hands. 

Wishing you a very successful Future! 

Mom, Dad, Nicole, Manda, and baby Jayden 

Laura Piccione 

Fill our hearts with song 

And let us sing for 


You are who we're proud of 

who we love so and adore. 

In other words, please be 

true. In other words, 

we love YOU! 

(more) :) 


Mom and Dad 

Conor Good 

Congratulations, Conor! 
We are proud of you! 

Dad, Mom, and Megan 


Congratulations seniors 

Best of lucl to the 
class of 2009 


Cooperative Bank 

Jeffrey M. Liber, President 

102 South Street, Wrentham, MA 02093 


Ashley Allard 


Congratulations ! Whatever 

you decide to do we wish 

you a lot of luck and we 

love you very much. 

Mom, Dad, Katie, Molly 

and Lucky 

Johnny Irwin 


Your life is an uncharted 

course. You listened to 

your own voice, learning 

who you are and making 

good choices. We are so 

proud of you. 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Heather Nickerson 


Always be true to 

yourself, your sense of 

humor and the things you i 


Remember there's nothing 

you can't achieve. 

We believe in you and 

will always be here for 




Mom, Dad, Amie, and 


Andrew Marks 

^ - 1 

^LC ^^^^ 


Dear Andrew, 
You have grown up to be such an incredible person- strong, honest, focused, 
compassionate, respectable, patriotic, and driven. We could not possibly be 

any more proud of you. 
We send you out into the world with all of our pride, love, and support. 

Much love, 

Mom and Dad 

Amanda McVay 


Congratulations Amanda! i 
We are so proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, and Scott 

A *> 

David Connolly 

Congratulations Dave! 

We are so proud of you and 

wish you continued success 

in whatever you do,. 

We Love You, 
Mom, Dad, Dan, and Sheila 

Scott Isner 

Congratulations Scott! 

Mom, Dad, Steven, and Sara 

Kevin Pimental 

Kevin, You have worked so hard and 

we are very proud of all that you have 

accomplished. What an honor to be 

your parents ! We love you and wish 

for you the very best that life has to 



Mom and Dad 


Ryan Connolly~(Mowgli, Malone) 

Dream big and you will 

accomplish great things. 

Believe in yourself and 

you will do unbelievable 

things ! ! ! We are so proud 

of you. 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Stay happy, follow your 

dreams and enjoy the 


Erin Blake 


We are so proud of you! 

You are an amazing girl, 

and we love you. 

Dad and Mom 

P.S. I had the best day 

with you, today! 

Alicia Walther 


Congratulations ! We are 

so proud of you. 

Mom, Dad & Christina 

DONNA POWERS, Office Manager 


metal finishing 

90 (Rear) MORSE ST., NORWOOD, MA 02062 


(Tel.) 781 -551 -8235 (Fax) 781-551-8225 


Clm of 2009 


^solute Kgtel 

Sarah Singer 

Sarah, What a joy it has 

been watching you grow 

from a little girl wearing 

her fancy, fluffy shoes 

to a young woman 

heading off to nursing 

school ! 


with love always, 

Mom, Papa, Syndney, 

Tim & Mei 

Gregory Davey 

We wish you 

happiness and 

success... the world 


With love and 

Mom and Dad 


I am so proud of 

you! I know you 

will succeed in 

anything you do. 

Good Luck! 



Jon Cushman 

Dear Jon, 

Congratulations! May the endless 

possibilities that await you bring you much 



Mom, Dad and Jamie 

Ryan Connoll 

COLLEGE.. .already! 

We can't believe it either. 

We're extremely proud we 

have you as a brother. Keep 

smiling and laughing and 

don't forget to enjoy every 

minute of it! 


Tyler, Sara & Sean 

Alexander Huth 

I never forget a face, but 

in your case I'll be glad to 

make an exception- 


Good luck at Cornell! 

We are proud of you! 


Mops and Pops 

Elyse Katrina Roan 

Congratulations ! ! ! 

We Love you, Leesey Buns! 


Mom, Dad, Dana & Alex 

Richard Harrington 


You are the best. 

I know that you will be a 

success in whatever you 

choose to do. 
I love you very much. 
Love always, 

Alex Huth 

^^^^^^m W^ 

Jazz Do It: 

You can do it, we can 



.jy ^H 


(We helped) 



Tim, Tyler and T-Bone 




To a wonderful son and brother. 

Congratulations on all of your 


We are so proud of you. 

We wish you much happiness and success 

in the future. 

Love always, 

Dad, Mom, Meghan, Robby & Brad 

Patrick Dowling 

May your life be filled with laughter, may 
you accomplish all you set out to do, and 
may you always remember how much we 

love you. 

We are so proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, Stephanie and 


Kurt Siegmann 

It's not what happens to you that 
determines how far you will go in life; 
it is how you handle what happens to 

We are so proud of the young man you 

have become. 

Congratulations on a job well done! 

Mom, Dad, Eric, Adam, and Alyssa 

Kyle Lasher 


You have shown great strength 

and leadership. 

You have been true to your 


We love you very much. 

Mom, Dad, Dana, & Sam 

James Curtin 

Congratulations, James! 

We are all very proud of you 

and wish you all the best in the 


Mom, Dad, Daniel, and Steven 

Chris Brennan 

..."All ready for college"... 

Chris, we are so proud of you 

and love you so much! 


Love, Mom, Dad, Shannon & 









Hannah Vogan 

"Ask not what the world 

needs. Ask what makes you 

come alive... then do it. 

Because what the world needs 

* ^*"ff 

is people who have come 

alive." Howard Thurman 

We love you, Hannah 


Y^MrL^ . > 

Mom and Dad 


Matthew Riddoch 

From your first time on ice 'til now, you have loved hockey. Go for the 
goal, Matt. We will be cheering for you all the way. 

Dad, Deb, Ed, Dan, Nana & Grampa 

Rebecca Brooks 



love an J 


- Jielen IKellei 

We Love you Becca, 
Mom, Dad and John 

Andrea Yavarow 

We are so proud 

of vou s Andrea 


Dads, MoTn s 

Alex 2 %\mr)\$ & 



Cara Savi 

Congratulations Cara/ 
you're on your vvay and the sky's the 

v\fe ace so pcoucL of you. 

Love akays. 
Mom, DacL Beoca & Emfly 

'The future belongs to those who believe in the 

i beauty of their dreams" 

-Eleanor Roosevelt 

We are very proud of the person you have 

become. Always believe in your dreams! 

Love, Mom, Dad, Ashley, Sammie 

David McKinnon 

"To go against the dominant thinking of your 

friends, of most of the people you see 

everyday, is perhaps the most difficult act of 

heroism you can perform." 

Theodore H. White 

David, We are very proud of you for 

knowing who you are and standing up for 

what you believe in. You have become an 

amazing young man. We pray that you will 

stay true to yourself, love the coming years 

and make all your dreams come alive. You 

will always be our number 1 son! 

Love, Dad, Mom, Jake and Tiger 

Caitlin Stetter 


Conc^ratulatfons/ you are our shining star. Believe in 

yourself and all thirds oil! be possible 

Live everyday to the fullest 

Lau^h loudly and often. 

Love and know that you are loved. aWays 

Mom. Dad Pat. Tara and Matt 

Hannah Ludvigsen 

Hannah Banana 

Congratulations! We 

are so proud of you. 

Follow your dreams. 

Love, Mom, Dad, 

Kevin and Kylie 

Michelle Andrew 


you are as bestitiM inside s$ you are 


"Optimism is the f^ith that Usd$ to 


Nothing, can fee done -without this 

hope and confidence." 

"We low you, foest -wishes! 

Koto, Vad Lori <k Jasroine 








Congratulations Kaitlyn! 

We are very proud of you! We know that 

whatever you put your mind to you will accomplish. 

You have the determination to make all your dreams come true. 

Enjoy your next journey— may your path in life bring you much 

happiness and success. 
Love always, Mom, Dad, Matt, Lauren, Nona and Ben 


Pete Laval lee 

You have brains in your head. 

You have feet in your shoes. 

You can steer yourself any direction you 

You're on your own. And you know what you 

And YOU are the guy who will decide where to 

go -Dr. Seuss 
May all your hopes and dreams come true, Pete. 

Love, Mom Dad, Dan, Justin and Lauren 


Andrew St. Jean 


Thanks for the music and the 

memories! We're so proud of you! 


Mom, Dad, Danielle, Mimi, and 


Steve Linscott 

Congratulations Steve! 

We are so proud of you ! 

Mom, Dad, and Chris 

Jaclyn Carey 

Congratulations Jaclyn! 

We are so proud of what you have 

accomplished and the way you live your life. 

Keep believing in yourself and following 

your dreams. We love you! 

Mom, Dad, and Kevin 

Kevin James 

Dear Kevin, 

Congratulations! We are very proud of you. 

Believe in yourself and your dreams will 

come true. 

Good luck in college. 

We'll miss you! 

We love you very much, 

Mom, Dad, Christy &Mike 

Meghan Long 

Meghan - 

Our sweet little girl has 

become a beautiful young 

woman - we are so proud of 

you! May all your dreams 

come true. Congratulations! 


Mom, Dad, Courtney, 

Garrett & Brianne 

Meghan Long 

"The best thing to hold 

onto in life is each other" 

Congratulations "little" 

sis. Thanks for always 

being there for me. Good 

luck next year. Miss you 

already. Love you, 



'! f 

Megan Grady Marra 

Look around and choose your own ground 
For long you live and high you fly, 
Smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry 
And all you do and all you see 
Is all your life will ever be. 
- Roger Waters 

Congratulations Megan-Grady ! ! 

We are so very proud of the 

woman you are becoming. Love, 

Mom and Dad 

Good luck next year. 
Work hard. 
I'll miss you. 
Love, Tyler 

Jackie Campbell 


We're so proud of you 

Jackie! Keep smiling that 

beautiful smile! 

Mom and Daddy 

Joseph Andrew Purdon 

Look at him! -always 


Congratulations Joseph 


Mom and Dad 

Joel Diamand 


You are OUR FREE SPIRIT. Follow your 

passion and always remember to be the best 

you can be on and off the field at CCSU. We 

are proud of you and love you. 

Mom, Dad and Cory 

Ben Schenkel 

Congratulations on your great 
accomplishments ! 

We are all so proud of you. We 

wish you many more years of 

happiness and fulfillment of all 

your dreams. 

Mom. Dad and Dan 

Steve Llnscott 


K U 

With love from 

Grandma and 

Jenna Clinton 

Congratulations Jenna! 

We Love You, 

Mom and Dad, Jared and Riley 

Rachel Powers 

I am so proud of the 

person you have 
become. You are the 

light of my life. I 

know in your future 

you will be as special 

to others as you are 

to me. 

Love, Mom. 

Aubrey Trudeau 

Thank you for all of the joy you've brought to our 

family. We are so proud of the person you have 

become and all you've accomplished. We look 

forward to sharing your bright and promising future 

with you. 

We love you, 
Dad, Mom, Lauren & Jason 

Heather Fitzgerald 

Heather congrats! We love 

you and wish you all the best 

in your journey ahead. 

Love, Mom, Scot, Dad, Mike, 
and Sean xo 

Steven Linscott 

Congrats for a great high 

school career. Best 
wishes for a happy and 

successful future. 

With love, Aunt Patti & 


Brittany Collentro 

J By* 

ink ~ ^ 

Brittany, we are so proud of you- Enjoy every 


Love from all of us- Mom, Dad, Brooke, Jack and 
Jason and the entire Collentro and Elliott clans. 

Christopher Pellichero 

Dearest Christopher, 

Thrills and spills, laughter and 


Checks and snipes, you 

showed no fear. 

From babe to man your 

journey, to be, 

You've a new destination, you 

cannot foresee. 

What you've done in time has 

proven the best 

But your path does demand a 

more rigorous test. 

Be true to yourself, and treat 

others with care, 

And the world will reward you 

for all that you dare. 


Mom, E.J., & Katie 

Matthew Monahan and Shelly Jacobson 

Congratulations Matt and Shelly! 
We watched you two grow up together, riding bikes, climbing trees, 

playing catch,. ..or simply hanging and watching a movie. .all the 

things kids do. You watched out for each other then, and you still do. 

All these years later we want you both to know we have never been 

more proud of you than we are right now. The people you have 

become, and the way you have chosen to live your lives. As you 

close this chapter of your life and enter a new one, we wish you both 

much happiness, success, and the long and happy life you both so 

richly deserve. 

We love you both very much, 

Your Loving Parents 


Caitlin Nevins 

To out little pumpkin 

We are so proud of you 

Love you always, 

Dad, Mom, Ally, and Jasper 

Christopher Pellichero 


Congratulations on a wonderful high 

school career. 



Keep up the great academics 

and athletics at PC. 

Go Friars ! ! 



Amanda McCarthy 

If you have the choice to sit it out or to 

We love you so much our beautiful girl. 
We could not be more proud of you. 

Mom, Dad, Andrew, and Tom 

Kelly McCloud 


You have been such a gift to us! As 
you begin this new journey, we wish 
you happiness, success and much love. 
May your smile and confidence always 
shine so bright. You have always 
made us so proud. Our greatest wish is 
that you will always remember how 
much you are loved ! 

Mom and Dad 

Kelly McCloud 


Thanks for being such an awesome 
younger sister. Many people say that 
you learn a lot from your older siblings 
but I can't tell you how much I have 
learned from you. Best of luck after 
college in whatever you may take part 
in. I will always be here for you 
DonaKello. I love you, 

Micayla Boari 



Dear Micayla, 

Remembering the special times Sweet Baby James, coma, punkeen, Barbies, bear, bunny, Christmas puzzles, 

April vacations, dance recitals, guard shows, becoming an "artist"„„too many more to mention. We cherish them 

Thank you for being a wonderful adult full of determination, desire and commitment. You are a phenomenal 

inspiration for all members of our family. 

May all your dreams come true. The work is yours to embrace! 

Love always and forever, 
Mom, Dad, Adam, and Zach 

Garin Eisele 

We are so proud 

of our firefighter! Keep up 

the hard work. Be safe. 

We Love You! 

Mom, Ashley & yes even 


Paige Zuzick 


We were proud of you 

then, we are more proud 


All of our love, 

Mom and Dad 


Sam Balzer 

"It is our choices... that show what we truly 
are, far more than our abilities." 

-J.K. Rowling 

Sammy, Congratulations! 

We're so proud of you. 


Mom, Dad & Joanna 

Lindsey Messier 

We began our lives together 

On the second of July 

You looked up and smiled at me 

Your pink bow lips said hi! 

Days became months 

As time flew by fast 

I nicknamed you Blondie 

As your hair grew at last. 

Dresses pink and purple 

Were the only choices you made 

You sang and danced to music 

That Barney and friends played. 

Soccer, softball, basketball 

Brought Nike and Adidas 

Sneakers, balls and cleats 

Replaced dresses no longer needed. 

Over the years we have bravely 

Conquered hard times together 

This has taught us both 

That life is not forever. 

So now the time has come 
For my precious girl to leave 
To reach as high as possible 

For each and every dream. 

I love you Lindsey... 
Mom, Joe & Rosie 

Mac Jacobson 


You stepped up to the plate! 

Continue to work hard for 

what you want in life. 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad, Kat, and Greg 

Good Luck at Suffolk! 

Brian Su 

Brian - Congratulations! 
We are so proud of 
you. Hope you achieve 
everything you want in 
life. " 

Mom, Dad, Angie, 
Cathy, and Pam 

Kim & Pam Walsh 

Congratulations Kim and 

Pam ! We are so proud of 

your accomplishments. 

Good Luck in college 

and may all your hopes 

and dreams come true. 

Mom, Dad and Christine 

Emily Tuminelli 

You've always stayed 

true to yourself. We're so 

proud of you! 

Love, Mom and Dad 
Katie, Allie, and Michael 

Diane LaBlue 



1 F 

Congratulations Diane! 

We are so proud of you and all that you have accomplished! We wish you the 
best on your new adventure. Keep smiling and remember to keep those 

around you laughing! 
Love Always, Mom and Dad 

Congrats Di! 

I am so proud of you! Good luck 

next year. 

Love Always, Bryan 

Di, Good luck and have fun. Don't forget to 
take lots of pictures! I'll miss my roomie! 
Love, Kel 

Have a blast at college Di! It sure will be 
lonely without you. Love Ya, Katie 

Emily Butler 






We are so proud of 

your talent and 

intelligence, but most 

of all your 

thoughtfulness. Keep 

thinking and we know 

you will go far. The 

world is out there 

waiting for you. 


Mom, Dad, Michael, 

and Evan 


Caroline Altieri 



* * 




From Toddler to Teen and every age in between.... 
you have made us so very proud to be your parents. 

We wish you all the best in whichever road you 

even if it happens to be the 'one less traveled' 

All our love, 
Mom and Dad 

Jake Cintolo 

1 Congratulations Bud! 

You are an incredible young 

man whose journey is just 


We love you! Mom, Dad, and 

Marissa (^ 

Christopher Welsh 

Congratulations Chris! We are so proud of you. As 

you start your next journey please remember .... 

Champions are made from something deep inside 

them— a desire, a dream, a vision. Reach for the 

Love You, Mom & Dad 

1 - 



I love you so much! Congratulations- you are the 


Love, Meg 



Cte of 

keep your 
needles Kappij 


224 Dedham Street 
Norfolk, MA 02056 
(774) 847-7977 tel 
(774) 847-7978 fax 

Cheryl Erlandson 
Leonie Cieskes 

Kristina Cannon 


As you begin this new 

chapter of your life, may 

all your dreams come 


Love Always, 




Rachel Juliano 

Rachel Marie Juliano 

You have amazed everyone with your strength and determination and we know that you 

will continue to succeed in whatever you do. We LOVE you with all our hearts. 

Mom, Dad, Chris and Johnny 


Steve McCluskey 


Congratulations, we are 
very proud of you. You have 
grown into a wonderful 
young man who has it all. 
Keep up the good work. 

We Love You, 
Mom, Dad, and Kerri 


Pat Jeffrey 

Congratulations! We Love you! 
Aunt Eileen, Uncle Ken, Alex & Meg 

Caroline Ouimet 

Dear Caroline: 
Congratulations! I am so 
proud of you! You are 
the best little sister and 
you will always be my 
best friend. I'll always 
be here for you no matter 

what. Best of luck in 
your future - 1 know you 
will be successful in all 

of your endeavors. 

Enjoy the next 4 years! 

Love, Erin 

Dear Caroline: 

We all love you and are very proud of you. You have 
filled our lives with so much joy and happiness. May 
your future be filled with happiness and success and 
may all of your dreams come true. "And in the end it's 
not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your 
years." Remember, no matter what you do or where you 
go, we will always be proud of you and we will always be 
there for you. Love, Mom, Erin, Mimi, Gramps, Uncle 
Larry, Aunt Kim, Uncle Paul, Aunt Rosemary, Uncle 
Brian, Breanna, and Colin 

Luke Niland 






Pat Jeffrey 

Congratulations Paddy! 

We Love You! 

Dad, Mom, Kyle, and Pat 

Alex Katapodis 


You have brought so much 

joy to out lives. With your 

hard work and positive 

attitude you will be a success 

at whatever you do. 

Much Love, 

Mom, Dad, Nick, and Pete 






— , — 

- ■ - .- — - • ■ ■ ■■ r- . ■■ 

' --^-^ 

Congratulations Class of 2009 









It Collection 





>0 °, 


9/ Gd 




© Matthew Cavanaugh/epa/Corbis 



p.P.i out meuojej 

Obama's grassroots organization 
and innovative Web campaign is 
credited with inspiring young and 
first-time voters to participate heavily 
in the election. 

The values, fashion and 
personal vitality of the Obama 
family resonate with Americans. 
Public interest in the first family 
rivals that of the interest in the 
Kennedy family in the 1960s. 

(<4) Barack Obama makes history 
as the first African-American to 
win the presidency of the United 
States. The former Illinois senator 
, promises an era of change that 
? captures the imagination of 
I voters nationwide. 

%. ^ 

Electoral Votes 

Obama 365 
McCain 113 



New York Times 

« ><S^/i 

Bfc' i 

McCain/Palin run a strong 
campaign, winning 22 
states. But they are 
defeated 53 vs. 46 percent 
in the general election 
and by a substantial margin 
in the Electoral College. 

AP Photo/Chris Carls 

&* APP ho.i/Dav,dG U «enfe«der 


A ' 

4 * 

In January 2009, president-elect Obama Q 

attends the ultimate power lunch in the White 
House, meeting and getting advice from 
President Bush as well as former Presidents 
George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. 


A -tUm 




During the ( 

ceremony. Malia 
Obama captures 
the moment from 
a unique point 
of view. 

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais JL 

■ **:,;■ ,v 






Barack Obama is sworn in as the 44th president 
of the United States before millions in Washington, 
D.C. Obama's inaugural address calls for a 
"new era of responsibility" in the face of economic 
decline and a pledge to choose "hope over fear." 


n *' 

fit 1 

Stocks plummet as years 

Of excess in the U.S. housing ■ MITCH DUMKE/Reuters/Landov 

market and lax supervision of 
financial institutions contribute 
to the greatest economic crisis 
since the Great Depression. 




#« •*!«*' 

Unemployment rate hits 16-year high in January 2009 

frnnomiC CriSlS 



036/1 0/27^ 

^^ With buying power declining i 

marketplace, companies nationwide are force 
to lay off workers. The national unemployment 
rate hits 7.2 percent in December iand is rising 
steadily. The hardest hit states are Michigan. 
Rhode Island. California and South Carolina. 







Photo by Larry W. Smith/Getty Images 

(a") Detroit's struggling "Big Three" automakers. 
General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, request 
and are eventually offered a bailout package 
of just over $17 billion in December. 

Many retailers are forced to file for 
bankruptcy or go out of business after 
being unable to rebound from the harsh 
economy and a very disappointing fourth 
quarter of 2008. 

gaetan bally 

The world's "hot spots" center 
around the Middle East. Israel mounts 
a major offensive against Hamas in Gaza, 
the United States continues to oppose 
the Taliban in Afghanistan and insurgents 
in Iraq, and in August, Russia attacks 
its southern neighbor, Georgia, in a dispute 
over western influence in the area. 

In January 2009, after both engines fail { 
due to ingesting birds, US Airways Flight 
1 549 ditches in New York's Hudson River. 
All 1 55 passengers and crew members are 
saved, thanks to the skill and courage of 
pilot Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger. 

In September, Google and General Electric 
partner to develop clean technologies. 
Modernizing the national electric grid to 
enable wider deployment of wind, solar and 
geothermal energy will be an early priority. 

Brad Pitt launches the 
"Make It Righf ' project to 
build 150 green-sensitive 
new homes in the New 
Orleans Lower 9th Ward, 
which was destroyed by 
Hurricane Katrina. Pitt 
contributes $5 million to 
the project. 

\ ' ' 

•• • • * •• « 

. Summer. 


The BeW 2008 S— 0*^ 



• (yWJ American swimmer Michael Phelps 

• # makes Olympic history with eight gold 

'. medals. Phelps sets three world records 

• • " in his five individual wins. 

e Chen Kai/Xinhua Press/Corbis 




"hoto- - 

n - 

V ' .^w^ 5 

c< ^;*^*^ 




/^JorU 6eAe$ 

~~ *•* «■! 




m H 


• ' •«* m m m 



1 BRADLEY C. BO^Efii^pfiqjfieai ljg«»ft««t*sa — <-- ..■■- 


The Philadelphia Phillies win their second World Series with a five 
game victory over the Tampa Bay Rays. The fifth game takes three 
days to complete after a rain delay. 



\J The Chinese gymnasts take the team 
title, but Americans Shawn Johnson 
(floor exercise) and Nastia Liukin 
(all-around) take individual gold . 

medals for the U.S. _ s\l S £. 


J > 


Heisman Trophy winner J 
Sam Bradford I 

l ^W 





Scott Boehm/Getty Images 

MVP Santonio Holmes makes a tip-toe 
catch in the comer of the end zone with 
35 seconds remaining to lead the 
Pittsburgh Steelers past the Arizona 
Cardinals 27-23 in Super Bowl XLIII. 

Jimmie Johnson captures fj 
the NASCAR Sprint Cup 
championship for the third 
straight year in his famous #48 
Lowe's Chevrolet Impala SS. 





V - . - 

Stephenie Meyer's runaway 
best-seller. Twilight, becomes 
a hit movie starring Robert 
Pattinson and Kristen Stewart 
as Edward and Bella. 








Reality TV 


«* v 









Slumdog Millionaire, a surprise entry 
from India about teen life in Mumbai. 
and Brad Pitt's The Curious Case of 
Benjamin Button, about a man who ages 
backwards, monopolize Academy Award 
nominations with a combined total of 23. 

MTV spins off the reality show 
The Hills, following Laguna 
Beach star Lauren Conrad and 
her friends to Los Angeles. 


Wii fit 



. i 

- 1/10 

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